Jaime Zuder

Who is Jaime Zuder?

Jaime is one of our Managing Partners for Journey Arizona. Along with partner Steven Harris, the two blazed the trail for the first Journey location outside of Colorado — established in 2017. When she’s not out meeting clients, you can find her with family. Jaime’s 4 year old daughter is the center of her world. Her favorite past-times include watching her daughter swim, dance, and play soccer. When she’s not encouraging her daughter, you can find Jaime at BBQs, pool parties, and on weekend getaways with family and friends. Living her entire life in Arizona, she plans on keeping it that way! Family and friends all live nearby, which she loves because her daughter is so close to her Grandparents.

Client Love:

Working with small business owners and learning about each of their unique businesses is her favorite! All clients are equally important, regardless of size. She enjoys supporting local businesses because providing the best service possible helps them focus on what they love — running their business and strengthening the local economy (#staylocal)!

Most of all, she loves hearing from clients about how much happier they are with their payroll process after switching to Journey. Always striving to enhance client experiences, Jaime believes this only happens through an open dialogue. So hearing they have done exactly that is why she loves her job!

Team Member Love:

When it comes to her team, the amount of heart all of them put into each client’s payroll makes her proud. She loves the accessibility the Journey team offers to clients. Clients can communicate via phone or email, and receive text messages with important information as well — there’s that open dialogue she loves again!

Favorite things:

Her number one favorite is family time. The Arizona Cardinals come in a close second however (her name for our fantasy football here at Journey is even AZCardsgirl4eva as proof!). Being from Arizona, her favorite food is Mexican, and the spicier it is the better. Traveling and a nice beach are on the list as well, and she even scuba dives! Last but certainly not least, Jaime loves weekend getaways to Sedona, as it’s one of her favorite places (aside from Journey of course).