Our Company History

Started with TLC, and now we’re creating an amazing Journey!

Learn about the start of Journey, what TLC was, and how we continually improve and move forward!

Our company history started in 2010. It all began when Kevin Welch and Sue Shirley decided something needed to be done about the level of service in the payroll industry. As experienced professionals in the world of payroll, both knew the major missing component was exceptional service. Journey Payroll & HR started as TLC Employer Services. ‘TLC’ stood for timely, local, and committed; emphasizing what made us stand out against competitors.

After a few years in business, awards for Mercury 100’s Fastest 100 growing companies and #1 in the industry for our region quickly followed. So clearly, Kevin and Sue were right! Focusing on this missing component gave them an edge on the competition.

In May of 2017, with growth on the horizon, we made the transition from TLC Employer Services to Journey Payroll & HR. ‘Journey’ encapsulates the journey we take with clients, and our continued growth and development. We don’t stop at ‘good enough’ — we strive to provide outstanding tools. The original Journey, located in Colorado, now includes Kevin Welch, Sue Shirley, and Ashlee Faulkner for our ownership team.

With Journey Colorado thriving, the opportunity to expand was ignited. Our second location found its home in Arizona, with owners Steven Harris and Jaime Zuder blazing the trail. They quickly matched the award-winning growth rate of Colorado and have already made an impact in Arizona.

Our goal isn’t to add 100+ locations, each running hundreds of clients. We want large territories that become the premier payroll company in their region, all while maintaining the best client retention in the industry.

Our company history helped shape us into what we are today. We’ve learned and grown from our history to plot our successful present and future.