Ops Manuals  

Sales to Implementation

Sales sends Implementation Specialist, new client build via Dropbox.
• ALL documents and Internal New Client Implementation Form should be included, or Sales
should be notified that the paperwork is incomplete.
• Sales will follow proper timeline when determining first check date. Expedited builds should
be determined and communicated over email.
Implementation specialist  emails client within 24 hours or less with initial status update stating we have received the
documents and the build is underway.
• Use template email
• cc Sales Rep
STEP 3 Implementation Specialist to follow up with an email or call to client, listing missing items (ex: incomplete priors or EE
info.) and cc Sales Rep. . Call if needed or preferred.
STEP 4 If no response is received, email client saying build has been put on hold until missing items have
been received in full, and cc Sales Rep.
• This hold email will trigger Sales Rep to get involved and make contact with client
STEP 5 Company Build – Start to Finish
• Use Internal Implementation Checklist – complete all items
Implementation Specialist emails client notifying them that their build has been completed, and that they are ready
for payroll, cc Sales Rep .
• Request payroll.
• Attach What to Expect HUB (for Employees) document for client.
• Alert client to watch for PPx and HUB activation emails & to check their Spam folder.
Implementation Specialist runs first payroll under Implementation
• If payroll is a success, move to Step 8
• If payroll requires more attention and you need to keep them for one more payroll, then
process second payroll and move to Step 8.
• If client is an Auto or Manual Entry, move to Step 9 and continue processing payrolls until
move is completed.
Once first payroll has processed, Implementation Specialist sends email to sales rep letting them know the client has
processed successfully. Provide the next check date and payroll frequency.
• Sales rep  emails client to set up training
• **Sales rep is now in charge of training the client and processing their payrolls, until
the client is ready to be moved.
• Send client their PPx activation. Double check the user has full SSN, Zip, DOB and email in EP.
Email Lina (Operations) for a payroll specialist assignment
• Do not include client on this email.
• Provide, to Lina, the client number, name, payroll frequency, payroll submittal method and
any applicable note
Email Introduction of Client to Payroll Specialist.
• Email needs to specify that the Payroll Specialist will be their point of contact going forward
for all payroll matters. They may contact their sales rep and local owner when they have any
pricing questions, or when new or additional services are needed.
• Switch Specialist in EP under Company.
• Move Client file to Dropbox -> TLC Internal General Folder -> Agreements + Docs

Territory Client Numbers

Each Journey Franchise location has their clients in a certain client number range. We must stay in
these ranges to keep reporting accurate. If a location outgrows their range, congratulations, we will
create new client numbers specific to your location.
CO Fort Collins: 1 – 24,999
CO Loveland / Longmont (Same ACH as HQ/CO.): 25,000 – 29,999
Open Territory: 30,000 – 34,999
AZ Tucson: 40,000 – 44,999
AZ Phoenix: (NOT Operated from HQ/CO) 50,000 – 54,999
NY New York: 60,000 – 64,999
OR Beavertom: 70,000 – 74,999
CA Chico: 80,00 – 84,9999

Internal Implementation Checklist
  • Assign client number in EP – Copy from templates
  • Submit Nat Pay Application – Using location’s Nat Pay user account
  • Company Name, info, Address –  Company name should appear exactly as on EIN doc
  • Business Check – Can be a check copy or a bank letter
  • Enter Pays, Deductions, Memo Codes –  Refer to priors for pre-tax items
  • State Withholding # CO – We apply / All other states – Client applies
  • State UI # & Rate CO – We apply / All other states – Client applies
  • Local ID Set Up Client needs to apply if new
  • Division & Department Set Up
  • Federal EIN From EIN doc = EIN letter from IRS or signed 941
  • Federal Frequency Refer to copy of 941
  • Build Payroll Calendar Frequency & calendar items
  • Client Signature
  • Tax Impound/Tax Direct Set Up If direct, specify with PIN request to tax department
  • Check Impounding/or Direct If client is tax direct, must be check direct
  • New Hire State Change in ACH / New Hire tab
  • Setup PowerGrid Customize based on what client will use in PPX
  • Setup Billing Items Add set up fee when needed
  • Setup Employees & Direct deposits
  • Setup garn./child support orders Request support order copies if needed
  • Setup EE Pays, Deductions, Memos
    ESS Setup (for report recipients) For HUB & report recipient use
  • Setup Report Recipients In company setup – report ops + contacts tabs
  • Will there be WC, ACA, 401k Partner Notify Sarah
  • Enter Priors & Prior Taxes
    Run Balance Tests Do not move forward until any variances are cleared
  • PTO Accrual Setup
  • PTO Balance Setup
  • Request Fed Pin & email POA’s Email tax department – attach EIN doc, 8655, POAs
  • Nat Pay Approval Received Required before payroll run / set company to active
  • Online Access – HUB / Activations EEs need: Email, zip code, DOB, SSN to utilize
  • Setup HUB Admin In Shugo
  • Setup HUB Platform In Shugo + add EE onboarding if needed
  • Setup payroll delivery – if applicable Delivery notes on general tab
  • Client documents saved in Dropbox Move from Implementation to Agreements + Docs
Colorado- Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO Policy
Our unlimited PTO was born from our CEO’s belief that if a business and their leaders want respect, they need to give respect. Allowing Unlimited PTO Gives our Journey members the respect and the ability to manage their schedule and life. Taking care of business is a must and staying inside certain guidelines. This policy is successful
because each person is looking out for the  person next to them, and the entire Journey Family. We trust you to handle the business in front of you, and take the time you need for your mental health. Your health is the absolute highest priority. Mental health breaks are a necessity not a luxury. Our goal
is to make sure you are at your best when working.

Team Player
Taking care of business and staying inside certain guidelines is a must. This policy is successful because each person is looking out for the person next to them, and the entire Journey Family
Mental Health
The first priority is your health. We know all businesses say they care, we can’t speak for them, but we can say, we truly do.
Proper communication with your manager along with their approval, is key to ensuring they can plan to make certain the entire team is prepared for when you are away.

Check in’s
Twice a year (April & September) we check in to make sure you are utilizing our unlimited PTO. We are here to help you be happy both in and out of the office.

Less than two (2) weeks is not enough you time Three (3) weeks is a healthy target
Four (4) weeks can be done with hard work, efficiency and proper planning

How to terminate a client