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Our core values, teamwork, and offerings combine to create the perfect option for businesses in New York and on the East Coast. These core values include our clients, our team, integrity, excellence, and innovation. We believe these strong values make us stand out amongst our payroll company competitors.

Our goal is for you to run payroll with the best. Journey’s payroll services are not the same as other payroll companies, and neither is our service. When you sign up for payroll with us, you become part of Journey. We understand that our company could not be where it is today without you, our clients!



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East Coast payroll services just got better with Journey’s New York location. Our exceptional service has resulted in huge growth, so we’ve brought this service out. Easy Local ownership is key. Being in New York with the best service and options for businesses with 1 to 1,000 employees, is a win for the business community. Clients can speak face-to-face with an owner at any time, which provides confidence on all sides. This service paired with our multitude of offerings is a great fit in New York and surrounding areas.

We know our core values have brought us this far, so they’re here to stay! Our core values include our clients, our team, integrity, excellence, and innovation. We understand that our clients and team are our most important assets. This is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from the other payroll service companies.

“Expanding to the East coast was on our wish list from day one. With Matt’s expertise as a leader and his personality, the foundation of success in New York was a no brainer!”


Kevin Welch


Matt DeSantis

Managing Partner - New York

Matt is the ultimate business family man. When not at work you'll find him living his best life with his wife Tori, his dog Harper, family and friends! Matt enjoys playing tennis, watching sports, investing, and the water!

Nina McPherson

Payroll Implementation Specialist

Nina can wrestle a gator while implementing your payroll at the same time. When not at work you'll find her belting out classic rock hits at a local kareoke bar and smashing overhands on the pickleball court.

Lina Freed

President of Payroll Operations

Lina is a fifth-generation native of Colorado, with three of those generations residing in Fort Collins. So, it’s understandable that her roots run deep in her home state, and her Colorado pride is evident.

Jamie Hickman

Payroll Specialist

Kaia Soufl

Payroll Specialist

Robin Duttry

Payroll Specialist

Sarah Willox

Systems Director

Scott Halsey

Payroll Specialist

Julie Rossillon

Payroll Specialist

Jenni Blaker

Director of Implementation


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