New Mexico State Facts

New Mexico Effective 1/1/2022   Federal Effective 7/24/2009

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New Mexico Final Paycheck Law
Fired: Unpaid wages, if a fixed and definite amount (not based on a task, piece, commission basis or other method of calculation), become due immediately on demand and must be paid within 5 days of discharge. In all other cases, the payment of wages must be made within 10 days of discharge.
Quit: If an employee (not having a written contract for a definite period) quits, the final paycheck is due at the next succeeding payday.
New Mexico Direct Deposit Law
Force Direct Deposit: No     
New Mexico Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage $11.50     
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee) $2.80                
New Mexico State Income Tax
Wage Withholding                         Tables         
New Mexico Unemployment Insurance
Maximum 2022 Taxable Earnings(Increased from $27,000 in 2021)                                                                    $28,700
Employee 2022 Deduction None
Employer 2022 Tax Rates 0.33 – 6.4%
Standard 2022 New Employer Rate 1.08% or Industry Average, whichever is higher