Montana State Facts

Montana Effective 1/1/2022   Federal Effective 7/24/2009

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Montana Final Paycheck Law
Fired: The final paycheck is generally due immediately upon separation unless the employer has a written personnel policy that extends the time for payment of final wages to the employee’s next regular payday for the period or to within 15 days from the separation, whichever occurs first. Note: When an employee is discharged by reason of an allegation of theft of property or funds connected to the employee’s work, the employer may withhold from the employee’s final paycheck an amount sufficient to cover the value of the theft if certain requirements are met.
Quit: The final paycheck is due on the earlier to occur of: The next regular payday; or 15 days from the date of separation from employment.
Montana Direct Deposit Law
Force Direct Deposit: No
Montana Minimum Wage- Annual Sales exceed $110,000
Minimum Wage $9.20         
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee) $9.20
Montana Minimum Wage- Annual Sales are $110,000 or less
Minimum Wage $4.00          
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee) $4.00
Montana State Income Tax
Wage Withholding                     Tables
Montana Unemployment Insurance
Maximum 2022 Taxable Earnings(Increased from $35,300 in 2021) $38,100                          
Employee 2022 Deduction None
Employer 2022 Tax Rates(Plus 0.13% or 0.18% administrative fund tax) 0.00 – 6.12%
Standard 2022 New Employer Rate(Plus 0.18% administrative fund tax) 1.00 – 2.30%