Journey Unveils New Platform to Make Payday Any Day with AdvanceNOW!

Journey Employer Solutions, a full-service payroll company, announced the launch of a new family of offerings available this DecemberAdvanceNOW is the first in Journey’s NOW line of servicesJourney’s NOW offerings will vary in purpose, but all provide instant solutions.

Journey’s AdvanceNOW gives employees of Journey clients quick access to earned wages.  It completely removes the need to involve employers in the pay advance process.  The setup is simple, the transaction is private, and the funds arrive instantly!

portrait of Kevin Welch

“AdvanceNOW is the best solution to a common issue that affects more people than most realize.  We’re allowing employees access to their wages when they want, with no headache or cost to the employer.  This is not a high-interest payday loan, which I’m firmly against.  It isn’t a loan application with a credit application.  This solution is easy, instant, and removes the employer from the equation when the employee needs their money.”

– Kevin Welch, CEO of Journey Employer Solutions

Journey understands that in specific circumstances, workers may need to access funds before payday.  Living paycheck to paycheck can result in overdrafts and insufficient funds charges.  As we all know, this digs the hole deeper!

Short-term loans and payday advances are a common temporary fix to avoid such costs.  This however, can result in even costlier fees.  This solution gets individuals in financial holes they can’t climb out of.  Journey strives for happiness, only offering the services they believe in.  They stand firmly against high-interest payday advances.

Journey decided to offer this option after considering several vital slices of data:
  • The majority of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Many workers believe their work productivity is impacted by financial stress
  • Research shows that financial stress affects people’s physical health

Offering employees a way to prevent negative bank transactions from taking place is a win for both the employer and the employee.

So, how is this different from a standard payday advance?  The employee does not need to approach the employer.  There is no awkward conversation on why they need a loan.  The funds do not come out of the employer’s business account, so even after completing the transaction on their phone or computer, the employer has no stress.  There is no cost to the employer and a  minimal cost to the employee.

About Journey Employer Solutions: 

Journey Employer Solutions offers a suite of payroll, tax management, and HR services for small to mid-sized businesses.  Servicing clients across the country, Journey focuses on delivering the best offerings in their regions.  Journey has been named among the 100 fastest growing companies for the past seven years by BizWest Media.  Payroll is the core of their business, however, they offer various services to provide companies the efficiencies and information they need in today’s world.  With award-winning growth and an industry leading 98%+ retention, Journey puts clients first with every service they provide.