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Humanizing the Workplace

Our core values, teamwork, and offerings combine to create the perfect option for businesses in Northern Colorado. These core values include our clients, our team, integrity, excellence, and innovation. We believe these strong values make us stand out amongst payroll company competitors.

Not only that, our emphasis on teamwork cultivates the best experience and service for our clients. We work together for all clients, ensuring your experience is amazing, not just satisfactory. Our offerings and available technology are also a result of this teamwork. Each service has a designated team member to ensure all bases are covered.

Local Ownership

Kevin and Sue had an idea to bring service back to the payroll industry. They both felt service was almost completely forgotten by the nationally-traded companies. In addition to service, the focus was on providing big technology to our clients. As we grew, we added more and more offerings to win competitive deals because businesses want the best of both worlds: service and ease of technology. Both of these pieces are a work in progress, and they always will be, as we always strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

Northern Colorado is home to our founders, and our Headquarters will always stay here in Northern Colorado, our “home”. The small business community here is as strong as anywhere, and it’s easily found. To anyone involved in this community, it’s not a secret on how this happens. The community and individuals here are dedicated, strong, intelligent, and work as one. That formula will always generate success, and Journey is proud to be a part of this growing community.

Community Involvement

Journey Payroll & HR is proud to be part of the community we work in. Being active where we work is an important part of being a local business owner. This rings true with our JourneyTogether initiative, with its focus on supporting local business. This ranges from incentivizing our employees to shop local during the holidays to providing lunches to our fantastic staff from local eateries to our efforts to help local non-profits shape the future of tomorrow.

Client Retention
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Meet our leadership

  • Kevin Welch


    Kevin is our fearless leader here at Journey! As our CEO — Kevin was the original owner of what was then TLC Payroll (#throwback) with partner Sue Shirley. When not working on company development and new ideas, Kevin can be found spending his time with his wife Christine and their two sons. They mix their California roots with their Colorado heart and life, when traveling in the mountains or traveling to their favorite beaches!

    Kevin can be found at his favorite restaurants or by the pool with family and friends, and his favorite way to give back to our community is by supporting non-profits through special events and the #JourneyTogether movement. Pittsburgh Steelers! If you’re a Steelers fan, you’re alright in Kevin’s book! He’s a big sports fan, so he also loves his San Jose Sharks and Oakland A’s as well. Although Kevin and his family don’t ski or snowboard, they do spend many long weekends in their favorite mountain town, Breckenridge, Colorado. Anytime they can find a combination of warmth and beaches, they’re happy. As we can all attest, Kevin loves his coffee and water! When he cuts loose at team building parties, he does enjoy a vodka soda as well.

  • Ashlee Faulkner

    President of Journey Colorado,

    Ashlee is President of our Headquarters (aka Colorado), as well as Journey Franchising. In addition to her presidential duties, she leads all sales for Colorado and Franchise, along with handling incoming sales and company partnerships. Her passion is equally spread to new clients, new partnerships and new franchise locations. Everyday Ashlee’s goal is to ensure the Journey brand and mission has the spotlight on it. Ashlee is a leader when it comes to driving results and providing support all while never missing having the Journey heart skip a beat.

    I love all things COFFEE! Italian food is my weakness. I love fall and all things that come along with it; sweaters — scarfs — leaves — crisp air and the best fall smells!! I’m a Colorado Rockies & Denver Broncos fan, but don’t always have the attention span to sit and watch an entire game. My family is everything to me and I cherish each and every day I have with them.

  • Sue Shirley

    President of Payroll Tax,

    Sue is President of Payroll Tax. Along with starting the company, along side, Kevin, she is a shareholder in Journey Headquarters. Even though her role has evolved, her commitment since day one has never changed. Sue guarantees all of Journey’s clients taxes are paid on time and accurately. When not taking care of clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband Steve, visiting family and friends, and playing with her beloved dogs (“the girls” as she calls them!). Fun little-known fact about Sue, she grew up on a Ranch in Steamboat Springs and was a rodeo queen in a previous life! Luckily for us, her rodeo queen life is behind her and she is Journey’s President of Tax Operations.

    Raised in Colorado, Sue’s favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos of course! She loves being outside and taking walks, and sipping on her favorite drink — iced tea. When the mood strikes her however, she does enjoy cutting lose with a nice cold Coors Light.

  • Kirsten Madland

    President of Client Implemen­tation,

    Kirsten is President of Client Implementation. Her role of leading the payroll implementation team also ties to leadership with our payroll tax department. Her goal is to ensure every payroll implementation specialist provides a smooth transition for new clients of Journey. She is an expert at putting together and tweaking process, and working with everyone to make ensure the Journey Family is on the same page.

    Her and her husband Sean have a son who goes to Fossil Ridge HS, and a daughter that recently graduated. As a family, we love being outdoors — we look forward to camping in the summer months, and ski as much as we can handle in the winter months! Even though I grew up in Arizona, I have been skiing since I was 4 and spent much of my childhood on the slopes in CO, UT, and AZ.

  • Audra Sandage

    Vice President and Financial Controller,

    Audra is Journey’s Financial Controller and a shareholder in Journey Headquarters. In her role, Audra is responsible for all of Journey Headquarters and Journey Franchising’s financial functions, including accounting, internal audits, preparation of financial reports, and plays a key role in developing budgets.

    Audra and her husband Thomas love going on outdoor adventures. They are always looking for the next zip-line, paddle-boarding spot, or waves to catch. On more relaxing days, they love cuddling up to watch movies with their senior cat, Ninja, exploring local beaches, and going to comedy clubs!

  • Lina Freed

    President of Payroll Operations,

    Lina is President of Payroll Operations. She leads our payroll specialist and focuses on making sure our payroll team is consistently focused on heart, accuracy, and efficiencies. Lina’s ability to understand the needs of the clients, while teaching these techniques to each payroll specialist, is the backbone of our industries leading retention.

    Lina is a fifth-generation native of Colorado, with three of those generations residing in Fort Collins. So, it’s understandable that her roots run deep in her home state, and her Colorado pride is evident.

Waypoint Real Estate

The team at Journey Payroll & HR has been my trusted payroll provider for many years now. They are attentive to my business needs and very responsive whenever I have questions. I always make a point to recommend their services to other business owners in our community. I truly believe they are the very best at what they do.

Greg Roeder
Waypoint Real Estate
Open Door

Journey Payroll & HR is an amazing team of people who take great care of their customers. I use their service, but I also refer them. Their growth speaks for itself, but even if it didn’t, I would speak for them. They’ve built right! I tell my clients that Payroll is the number one service they should outsource because it’s not their core business, and they probably don’t even like it.

Mark Weaver
Open Door HR Solutions
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