Learn How Journey Can Help Your Business

Each Journey office is locally owned. We're not one of those massive call-center payroll processing companies, though we do have that fancy technology and some extras!

An elephant in business casual attire with a sign that says, "Follow me for a refreshing way to payroll"

Best value for business owners

You deserve the best! You need the tools to stay efficient and focused on your core business, while having a fair price. Journey is typically 10-40% less with more features

Big company tech, small company feel

Our size and mindset allows us to offer the best technology! Journey is privately owned, yet large enough to be capable of almost anything, allowing us to adapt quickly

Local Ownership

The #1 complete payroll solutions for business owners. Anyone can sell the idea that they’re the best. We actually care more about delivering than selling, and we have the industry leading retention of 98% and local ownership groups to prove it

Ben and Jerry's

We switched payroll companies a few years ago because we needed a more local approach to our payroll, not a different person every time from a call center when we had questions or needed help. I remember one time we forgot to do payroll and they were unforgiving. I’m so glad we chose Journey, as they are responsive and able to solve our issues personally. They know their stuff and are right here in town for personal access.