Invest in Your Community’s Journey.

The best businesses to invest in are those that care about what they do. When a company has heart, you know they will do everything possible to ensure client happiness. Happy clients entail a great business model. That’s where you want to invest.

As Journey grows, we expand our foundation of investments and leaders driving our future. For this reason, we’re always looking for strong investors in key areas. Journey accepts new location owners when they show the best work ethic and heart. Only these individuals can lead our future locations. This ethic ensures we remain among the best of the best business to invest in. Each location can be backed by payroll professionals, Journey, a local investor, or a combination of all three!

If you have a passion for working with your local community, striving to do what’s right, and want to do so through a reliable service-based payroll model, consider Journey. Investing in your local Journey location helps grow and support your community. We have the best local support; not only helping existing businesses but also supporting the local economy as well.

Small business owners need the same great services those larger companies offer, but on a local, personal level for a great value. This is why communities need a neighbor like Journey Payroll & HR. Not only that but the more we grow, the more we’re able to give. Journey supports local non-profits, donates when they can, and promotes local clients as often as possible. We understand how vital staying local is — we’re local as well!

Reach out to Journey Headquarters today to learn about investment opportunities. Contact Journey Headquarters here.