Retail Payroll Shouldn’t Entail Taking Time Away From Your Store and Customers.

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The retail industry is a harsh business and only the best make a name for themselves! One iffy employee-customer interaction, and there’s another possible bad review. Every retail worker on your team is a direct representation of your store and your brand. Ensuring they are familiar with everything from your company philosophy to the right way to meet and greet customers is essential. With all of this to handle, payroll and properly onboarding employees should be the last of your worries. Outsourcing your retail payroll means less stress and more time for customer interactions.

When you entrust your retail payroll to Journey, we don’t just handle payroll, but all of your withholding and unemployment taxes as well. We also offer additional features that make running your store a breeze. Combine your payroll with our online timeclock for a seamless way to track employee hours and add sales commissions. You can even streamline your hiring process to be 100% paperless — even your handbooks and store policies. Discover what Journey has in store for your retail store!

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