Learning payroll for non-profits takes up valuable time. Rather than learning for yourself, choose a payroll company you can trust to give you the best!

Payroll for Non-Profits Needs the Best Service — That’s Why They Choose Us!

A non-profit organization has to make the most of every resource at its disposal. Every hour of each volunteer must be put to good use. Too often, non-profits fall to miscommunication, leading to too many hands on one deck, and not enough hands on another. Proper reporting that’s readily available is crucial for allocating grants, tracking project hours, and ensuring funds are used correctly. This is why payroll for non-profits is so important!

As long as you have approval from the IRS for your 501(c)(3) via an official IRS letter, we can properly handle the taxes. Whether it’s a state-specific bond or rate, we can get you situated! Journey offers a variety of tools to get more out of your non-profit, all while saving money and time. If you need to track hours by departments, have multiple pay codes, or want to communicate with volunteers and employees on one platform, Journey has a tool for that! Let us help you get the most out of your payroll service, so you can focus on what’s important to you — helping others.

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