Hotel Payroll can include a lot - but that shouldn’t include vacant service! Learn how you can gain 24/7 online access to your payroll for any updates.

Learn how you can gain 24/7 online access to your payroll for any updates.

Regardless of the scale of your hotel, motel, or lodging business, it’s less about the number of rooms you can rent and more about the efficiency with which you rent them. Your first concern is giving that 5-star service that attracts your next paying customers. Don’t let time-consuming payroll processes interfere with running your business. Turn your hotel payroll over to us and focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best — your payroll!

If that weren’t enough, we understand how much goes into the rest of your business and how busy you are. Keeping employees in the lodging industry isn’t always easy — but we can help. Ease the stress of that turnover with our quick and seamless free paperless onboarding. Include your customized handbooks and policies to get new employees up to speed faster than you can say ‘housekeeping!’

To keep a pulse on your new hires, Journey also offers employee engagement and surveying tools. With integrations for benefits, you can seamlessly offer these to employees with little work on your part, but all the credit! Hire efficiently and keep your new employees happy with Journey.

Join us to see what we can do for your hotel payroll and your hiring process! Don’t settle for a vacant payroll service, give us a call instead!

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