Financial Institutions rely on policy updates and report reconciliation. To relieve the stress this causes, we’ve streamlined how you receive reports!

Reduce the Stress of Waiting for Reports and Streamline Your Financial Institution!

As a financial planner or banking institution, you need all the redundancies and backups you can get your hands on. We understand that policies, procedures, and non-disclosure agreements are an integral part of the financial industry. In our ever-evolving world of technology and scams, keeping up with policies and procedures feels impossible. With so much responsibility resting on your shoulders, a trusted and transparent payroll partner is crucial. Look no further and lean on Journey!

Upload and share new policies and protocols with your entire team in just a few clicks. Add read-receipts, signature and date fields, and essentially any other data you’d like collected!

With the ability to add multiple report recipients, your balances will never be postponed by waiting. If your clients already use Journey, even better! We can set you up to receive any and all necessary reports after each payroll. Less waiting, less stress, and zero back and forth.

Reach out to your local Journey office, and learn how we can power your financial institution and reduce your stress!

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