Employee HUB

  • How do I request a password?

    For a quick easy password reset, contact your employer for help.
  • How do I login to my Journey HUB account?

    The easiest way to access your HUB account is to visit JourneyPayroll.com/login > Journey HUB > Sign In.
  • I want to download the mobile app, what is my company ID?

    Finding the codes is easy. Login to your HUB account via the web and your codes will be on your dashboard under the phone icon.
  • The link to my pay stubs has expired. How do I access my paystubs, W2s and employee documents?

    To access all of your paystubs, W2’s and employee documents, the easiest way it to login to your HUB account and not use old links.
  • How do I update my address, W4, direct deposit and address?

    Updating employee information is simple. Click on your initials on the top right hand corner of the page, and you’ll see the drop down menu of options.
  • Where do I find my paystubs?

    Paystubs are located in your HUB account, under your history tab. Simply login to your HUB account and click “history”.

Admin HUB

  • How to approve employee updates submitted in HUB?

    Easily approve employee updates by clicking on your HR tab in your HUB account.
  • How to add a onetime pay to timesheets?

    Adding a one time pay is an easy task. Simply click on the employees time card, and select “add one time pay”.
  • How to resend a HUB activation?

    To resend a HUB activation, simply click on “Alerts and Reports” under your Admin tab.
  • How to reset an access code?

    Resetting an access code is easy. Select your employee from your Admin tab, and you’ll see the reset option.
  • How to edit a time sheet in HUB?

    To edit timesheets in HUB, you simply need to select the employee you want to edit, and you’ll have the ability to add time, delete time or adjust current time entries.
  • How to approve a mulligan and PTO requests?

    Approving mulligan’s and PTO requests can be done in a few simple steps. Simply click your clock tab at the top of your account, and you’ll see the “Alerts” box to the right of the timecards. All of your alerts will show up there.
  • How to add a timesheet for an employee?

    Easily add a timesheet by clicking on your clock tab and selecting “add timesheet” in the yellow control box, for the specific employee you are looking for.