How do I send my hours to my Payroll Specialist from HUB time?

1. Click on your “Clock” tab and scroll down to the “Approve Time” section.

2. You will see all employee timesheets are outlined in Red, which means they have not been approved yet and are still in the “pending” state.

3. All timesheets need to be approved before you are able to generate the time file. To approve timesheets, you can click “Batch approve” in the Yellow Timesheet section.

4. You can also go through each employee’s timesheet by clicking “view” and making any necessary edits.

5. After any necessary edits are made, click the “Approve Timesheet” button.

6. After all timesheets are approved, they will appear outlined in Green.

7. After all timesheets are approved, you will also see that you have the ability to generate the time file. Click “GENERATE.”

8. You will get a message that the file has been sent, and all timesheets will turn from Green to Blue, indicating they have been sent to payroll. You will also see “GENERATE” has been replaced with “View or Regenerate.”