How do I Request PTO?

1. After logging into your Journey HUB account, click the “Request Paid Time Off” button.

2. Select the days you need to request PTO for on the calendar.

3. Enter the number of hours PER DAY you are requesting, do not enter the total amount of hours you are requesting. If you need a different amount of hours each day, enter the requests separately.

4. Select the type of PTO you are requesting.

5. You can add a message to your request letting your employer know what the request is for. This step is optional.

6. After you click “submit request,” your request will be submitted for manager approval, and you will receive the submission confirmation message. Your PTO request has to be approved by a manager before it will be added to the PTO calendar. Your PTO balance will not adjust to reflect an approved request until the pay period the request falls in has processed. So essentially after you receive your paycheck for the period which contained the PTO, you will see your adjusted balance in your HUB account.