How do I obtain my free Federal and State Labor Law Posters?

All clients and partners of Journey receive yearly updated copies of both Federal and State posters. New Packets including posters arrive late January or early February, depending when laws and regulations are finalized. If you need multiple copies, please reach out to your local office to alert them.

If you have multiple locations and separate accounts for each location with Journey, you’ll receive a set of posters to each office address.  If you don’t have your locations set up separately, please notify your Payroll Specialist with how many copies you’ll need. They’ll provide you with a federal and state labor law poster for each of your offices.



Please Note:

1. If you work with Government contracts, are a nuclear power plant, or are in the agriculture industry; there are additional posting requirements. Please review your industry thoroughly and become familiar with industry posting requirements. The Department of Labor’s “elaws Poster Advisor” tool can be used to assess which posters are required for your company size, employee count, and industry. Please use the advising tool to determine which posters you’ll need to supplement your Journey Federal poster. If you have questions about your posting requirements, you can contact the Department of Labor.

2. No Journey location is legally liable for any poster requirements or responsibilities.