How do I Enter a Manual Check in PPx?

If you need to create a manual check for payment outside of your scheduled payroll (termination, missed pay or hours, etc.) you can do so from either your dashboard or payroll tabs and the manual check will be pulled in on your next payroll. From the Dashboard, you can click “Manual Check” tile. For this demo, we will use the Manual check option in the Payroll tab.

1. From the Payroll tab, click “New Manual Check.”

2. A window will appear, asking for the check date, the division, employee, and a check number. The first three fields have drop down menus, but the check number requires a text entry. Make sure the check number is completely unique, and not the same as any other check number in the payroll. When everything is entered, click the green “add” button.

3. After you click “Add” you will be taken to the “Manual Checks” dashboard. Make sure the correct manual check is outlined in red, and then click anywhere outside the “checks” tab to close the checks window.

4. You can click within any column field to enter or change an amount. You will be able to see the gross pay, net pay, and tax amounts.

5. For this example, we entered a pay rate of $15 and a total of 3 hours, totaling $45.00. Click the trashcan if you need to delete one of the “earnings” categories. After all necessary earnings have been added to the manual check, click the green “Save + Calculate” button to calculate the amounts.

6. Gross pay, net pay, taxes, and all other amounts will update after you click this button. You will know the amounts are up to date when your “Continue” highlights green and the “Save + Calculate” button is no longer green.

7. If you need to add additional earnings to the manual check, such as holiday or vacation pay, you can do so by clicking the blue “Add Earning” button. A drop down will appear with your available pay categories, and you can select one to add/edit the amounts.

8. If a deduction needs to be added to the manual check, you can do so by clicking the “deductions” tab and then click “Add Deductions.” A drop down will appear with your available deductions to select from. You will see if you click on any of the other categories, “Continue” is no longer available, and “Save + Continue” turns green again.

9. If a memo needs to be added to the manual check, click the “memos” tab, and then click the “Add Memos” button. A drop down will appear with the available memos to select from.

10. If this is an instance of missed or additional hours being paid and sick, personal, or vacation needs to be accrued; you can do so by clicking the “Options” button. Check which box needs to be applied to this manual check. You can also delete the check from this window, or add a memo to the pay stub.

11. If you did add any additional amounts, remember to click “Save + Calculate” to make the “Continue” button available. After clicking “Save + Continue,” double check all of your amounts to make sure the manual check is correct. Click the green “Continue” button.

12. You will see the manual check appears with the check number, gross pay, and net pay. The message, “- Manual Check(s) will be included in the next payroll” will let you know how many manual checks you have. From this window, you can also edit any open manual checks.