How do I Edit my Digital Timesheet?

1. Begin by going to your “clock” tab to view your timesheet. Click “View Time” to view your timesheet

2. When you view your timesheet, you have the option to enter in your time for each day for the pay period.

3. Click on the blue plus sign next to the date you need to add time for, and it will bring up the “add time entry” window.

4. Enter in the clock-in time.

5. Enter in the clock-out time.
Note: If you take a lunch, you will need to enter the clock out time as the start time of your lunch break. In this example, the employee works 8-5 with an hour lunch. If you do not take a lunch, enter the hours as one solid block of time.

6. Click on the blue plus sign again to add in your remaining time after your lunch.

7. Your time will show in the digital timesheet as two separate punches, with the total hours showing at both the bottom and the top of your timesheet.