How do I approve Employee updates submitted in HUB?

1. As an Admin, any employee updates or requests submitted through HUB will need to be reviewed and approved by you before the updates are sent through to payroll. After you log into your account, you can access your open tasks by either clicking the red icon on your dashboard, or by going to your HR tab. In this example, we are going to access the open tasks through the HR tab.


2. Your tasks will be listed under “Tasks to Review.” Click the employee’s name on the task you would like to review and approve.

3. You will see there is a PDF of the update you can view, and there are the options to approve the update, reject the update, and add a reason for the rejection. If you see an obvious error in any task, you can reject it and request the employee resubmit their update.

4. Once you have approved or rejected the update, click “Submit review.” If needed, you can also delete the task/request by clicking the “Remove this Task” button.