How do I apply for WOTC?

1. Make your Payroll Specialist aware that you are interested in applying for WOTC so that they can complete a contract before set up.


2. The WOTC Interview will be enabled in your paperless onboarding feature and will appear below the ACA section after being enabled.


3. Check the “WOTC Interview” box during the onboarding process.

4. Enter in the date the WOTC information was given to the New Hire (must be prior to the offer date).

5. Enter in the date the position was offered to the new hire.

6. Enter the date the offer was accepted by the new hire.

7. Select the appropriate WOTC category for the new hire’s position.

8. You can enter in the new hire’s hourly rate or their salary per pay.
If you are unsure what their per pay salary amount is, click the “Calculate from Annual Salary” link.

9. The “Finish” section of the onboarding will show that the WOTC Interview has been included.
The New hire will complete any necessary WOTC forms.