How do I add a one time pay?

1. Start by clicking your “clock” tab to view everyone’s timesheets.

2. Scroll down to the “Approve time” section. You will see every employee’s timesheet has a link called “Add One Time Pay.” Click the link to enter in the information for a one time pay.

3.  Enter in the type of pay you would like to add from the dropdown menu. The pay codes will populate according to what Journey has entered for your company, so if you do not see a pay code you would like to use, please email your Payroll Specialist and let them know you need a new pay code added.

4. Enter in either a dollar amount or hour amount for the one time pay.

5. Select the date the one time pay needs to be applied to.

6. You have the option to add a description to the one time pay. You can also chose if the pay will be viewable to the employee, in this example “Yes” is selected because we are using the one time pay for tips. Once you are done, click “Add One Time Pay.”

7. Now when you view the employee’s timesheet, you will see the one time pay added, along with the notes added in the “description” section.