How do I add Direct Deposits into PPx?

1. Begin by going to your employee list under your “Employee” tab, and locate which employee needs direct deposit added.

2. Click on the employee’s name to access their profile, and then click the “payroll info” sub tab.

3. You will see Direct Deposit information down below the scheduled earnings and deductions. You will be able to enter either 2 or 4 Direct Deposit accounts depending on your platform; if you only have the option to add 2 accounts and your employee needs more, you can send the information to your Payroll Specialist via the “secure email link” in their email signature to have them all entered.

4. Click the blue “edit information” link right below the accounts.

5. The account that needs to have a specific amount deposited will be the one that you will enter under the “First Account.” For the “Account Type” select the account type from the dropdown.

6. Enter in the Bank Routing and Account numbers, and then select the “Split Method” from the drop down. If this is the only account your employee has, select “percent split” and enter 100% for the amount. If there is a flat dollar amount the employee wants deposited, select “flat split.” If the amount is a percentage that needs to be deposited, select “percent split” and enter the amount as a decimal (Ex: .50 =50%) .

7. For the “DD Status,” make sure to select “Active” from the dropdown. Active means the direct deposit will take effect on the next payroll, whereas a “pre-note” will produce a live paper check for the first payroll run for the account, and then direct deposit will become active the following payroll.
*If your employee only has one account, hit save.

8. If there is a second account, go to the “Second Account” column. Select the account type, enter the routing number and the account number. Follow the same guidelines as mentioned above if there is a third or fourth account to enter.

When you get to “Split Method,” select “Percent Split” from the dropdown and enter 1.00 (100%) for the Amount. The last account always needs to be set at 100% so that the remainder of their check after any other deposits will be deposited into the final account.
This is telling the system that whatever is remaining after the first amount is deposited into the first account, needs to be deposited into the final account.
Remember to hit “Save.”