Welcome to the Journey Payroll & HR Help Center

How to process a payroll in PPx

Running your payroll in Journey’s Xpress online portal is simple. With just a quick 1-step process, you’ll be well on your way!

How to create a manual check in PPx?

Need a check on the spot? It’s quick and simple to create a manual check for an employee you need to pay right away.

How to add / change a pay rate in PPx?

Making changes to employee’s rate of pay has never been easier! Quick and easy access to make the changes you need!

How to access Journey’s HR Library?

HR Resources are important and having them at your finger tips, is even more important. Easy access to your HR library right from your Xpress account.

How to update my address, W4, direct deposit and address?

Need to update your address, W4 or direct deposit? Easily do so from your HUB portal.

How to terminate an employee in PPx

Need to make a change to your employee roster and terminate an employee? Your Xpress account makes that super easy to do with one button!