Hawaii State Facts

Hawaii Effective 1/1/2018   Federal Effective 7/24/2009

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Hawaii Final Paycheck Law

Fired: The final paycheck is due at the time of discharge, or the next working day if the discharge occurs at a time and under conditions which prevent an employer from making immediate payment.
Quit:                                                                                                                    The final paycheck is due at the time of quitting (if the employee gives at least one pay period’s notice). Otherwise, the final paycheck is due no later than the next regular payday.

Hawaii Direct Deposit Law

Force Direct Deposit:          No

Hawaii Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage $10.10
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee) $9.35

Hawaii State Income Tax

Wage Withholding                                   Tables

Hawaii Unemployment Insurance

Maximum 2022 Taxable Earnings (Increased from $1,102.90 in 2021) $51,600