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    = Client Favorite Better Plus Full
    Payroll Backbone
    Locally Owned (Just Like You!)
    Fully Insured and Bonded (So you can sleep well!)
    Dedicated Payroll Specialist (You're you, not just a #!)
    Complete Payroll Tax Management (Ask for details!)
    Direct Deposit, Checks, Paycard (Options for all!)
    AdvanceNOW (No more in-house advance headaches)
    New Hire Reporting (For all 50 states!)
    Garnishment Payments (Ask for details!)
    Payroll, HR, and More
    Paperless New Hire On-Boarding
    Employee Self-Service (W4, Direct Deposits, Paystubs/W2's)
    View and Request PTO
    Text or Email Employer Totals & Employee Net Pay Alerts
    View and Accept Handbooks, Policies, Documents
    HR Compliance Library Online 24/7
    Employee Rewards (Exclusive Discounts)
    Labor Law Posters (State/Fed Folded, Updated Annually)
    Labor Law Posters (State/Fed Laminated, Auto-Updated, Guaranteed)
    Workers' Comp Pay-As-Go (No more WC audit headaches!)
    401k Integration (Remove reporting & payment headaches!)
    HRNOW (Unlimited HR Questions via email or phone)
    Secure Email of Payroll Reports and Paystubs
    G/L Reporting
    Payroll Report Library
    Quarterly & W2 Report Access
    Popular Add-Ons
    Time Clock (HUB)
    Time Clock (SwipeClock)
    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    Video Learning Center
    ACA Monitor
    Standard Discounts Apply To:
    1. Long Term Clients
    2. Veteran-Owned Businesses
    3. Referring Your Friends To Journey