Franchise Your Journey

Starting Your Own Payroll Business begins here.

Starting Your Own Payroll Business Begins Here!

Journey is the best because of full-circle offerings and amazing people.  We deliver the plans, processes, marketing strategies, technology, and partners. #TeamWork  You deliver the phenomenal sales and service at a local level, with support from all angles. #LocallyOwned #LocallyDelivered

Journey offers an opportunity unlike any other. We boast the technology of those large publicly-traded companies, but with the heart, service, and personal touch that local ownership offers. With hundreds of years of collective experience, multiple ‘fastest growing company’ awards, and over 800 clients, our methods are tried and true.

You dream of starting your own payroll business, but the execution doesn’t seem to align with any of your goals. Maybe you need help and just don’t know where to start. You see other payroll franchises for sale offering 20 new franchises a year — which doesn’t feel right. They seem more focused on adding locations, rather than making each location flourish.

Cue Journey to the rescue. With our planned strategy for success, marketing design, exceptional software, franchisee portal, and personal regular support from our expert team; buying a franchise has never been this exciting. We’ve developed a culture second to none. With heart at the core of our values, we have an industry leading 98% client retention rate and an award-winning growth rate. When heart’s involved, see how much easier and more fulfilling starting your own payroll business can be.

We are not focused on acquiring infinite location without execution. Journey looks to support and back each individual location, so they can reach the success they desire.