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Franchise Your Journey

Starting Your Own Payroll Business Begins Here!

Journey is the best because of full-menu services and amazing people. We deliver the plans, processes, marketing strategies, technology, and partners. You deliver the phenomenal sales and service at a local level, with support from all angles. #LocallyOwned #LocallyDelivered

Journey offers an opportunity unlike any other. We boast the technology of those large publicly-traded companies, but with the heart, service, and personal touch that local ownership offers. With hundreds of years of collective experience, multiple ‘fastest growing company’ awards, and over 800 clients, our methods are tried and true.

Own your own business.

You dream of starting your own payroll business, but the execution doesn’t seem to align with any of your goals. Maybe you need help and just don’t know where to start. You see other payroll franchises for sale offering 20 new franchises a year — which doesn’t feel right. They seem more focused on adding locations, rather than making each location flourish.

Cue Journey to the rescue. With our planned strategy for success, marketing design, exceptional software, franchisee portal, and personal regular support from our expert team, buying a franchise has never been this exciting! We’ve developed a culture second to none. With heart at the core of our values, we have an industry-leading 98% client retention rate and an award-winning growth rate. When heart’s involved, see how much easier and more fulfilling starting your own payroll business can be.

We are not focused on acquiring infinite location without execution. Journey looks to support and back each individual location, so they can reach the success they desire.

Franchise Owners
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Meet our leadership

  • Kevin Welch


    Kevin is our fearless leader here at Journey! As our CEO - Kevin was the original owner of what was then TLC Payroll with partner Sue Shirley. Kevin’s priorities are to ensure the Journey culture is the Journey Family way, and nothing less. In addition to keeping everyone's happiness a priority, he “nerds out” with this daily focus or working with our team to ensure we are awlays leading the industry in service, technology, and value. Kevin leads with heart every day, and believes if you have your team deliver the right heart and the right drive, the possibilities are endless for our franchise owners and our entire Journey Family.

  • Ashlee Faulkner

    President of Journey Colorado,

    Ashlee is President of our Headquarters (aka Colorado), as well as Journey Franchising. In addition to her presidential duties, she leads all sales for Colorado and Franchise, along with handling incoming sales and company partnerships. Her passion is equally spread to new clients, new partnerships and new franchise locations. Every day Ashlee’s goal is to ensure the Journey brand and mission has the spotlight on it. Ashlee is a leader when it comes to driving results and providing support all while never missing having the Journey heart skip a beat.

  • Chris Augusto

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Chris is Chief Marketing Officer. His drive to bring in sales today is essential to ensure our brand for tomorrow is stronger than ever. He has a passion for helping the franchise owners grow their business as fast as possible, as well as for ensuring our current clients' retention and supporting their happiness. Chris is an expert at creating and enhancing ideas and turning them into something tangible for everyone’s success.

  • Kirsten Madland

    President of Client Implemen­tation,

    Kirsten is President of Client Implementation. Her role of leading the payroll implementation team also ties to leadership with our payroll tax department. Her goal is to ensure every payroll implementation specialist provides a smooth transition for new clients of Journey. This involves a clean start with data being correctly entered, transparency between the client and sales, and from start to finish the client experiences a seamless tax experience. Kirsten is an expert at putting together and tweaking process, and working with everyone to make ensure the Journey Family is on the same page.

  • Sue Shirley

    President of Payroll Tax,

    Sue is President of Payroll Tax. Besides starting the company alongside Kevin, she is a shareholder in Journey Headquarters. Even though her role has evolved, her commitment since day one has never changed. Sue guarantees all of Journey’s clients taxes are paid on time and accurately.

  • Alan Aydelott

    Director of Front End Development

    Alan is Director of Front End Development. Alan is the expert that ensures our brand looks amazing on our website. He focuses daily to also make sure Journey Central is client-focused, with the success of Journey in mind for every detail. Every decision is based off our heart, values, and efficiencies.

  • Audra Sandage

    Vice President and Financial Controller,

    Audra is Financial Controller. She is a shareholder in Journey Headquarters and she ensures Headquarters and Franchise financials are accurate. Planning for future decisions is always something on her mind. Franchise owners count on Audra for monthly reporting and assisting them with understanding their Gross to Net Revenue.

Start Your Journey.

Dream of owning your own business backed by an innovative, trustworthy organization. Build your own client base for yourself, your family, and your community.

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