How do I update my W4 withholdings?

1. After you login into your account, click your initials in the top right-hand corner, and then click on “Update your federal tax allowances (W4).”

2. The fist step is to select your filing status from the dropdown menu.

3. After you select your status, you will select if you are exempt from Federal withholding.

4. The next step is where you will enter your withholding allowances. If you are unsure of how many allowances you can enter or how this will impact your paycheck, click the blue “Use the IRS withholding calculator” link below the description box or on the right hand side.

5. If you would like an additional dollar amount withheld from your check (IN ADDITION TO what is already being calculated), you can enter that amount in the next box. If you need to start over or decide not to update your W-4, you can use the buttons on the right side.

6. After everything looks correct and you click “complete,” an overview will appear for you to verify. Check the box to complete the authorization, and then click “complete.”

7. When your task is completed, the confirmation will appear, and you can review a document with an overview of your changes by clicking on the PDF.