Can Journey’s payroll services integrate with my clients’ GL and/or 401k plan?

Journey looks to incorporate as many providers as possible to create integrations and single sign-on options. If those are not available (due to the other 3rd party platform), Journey will go the extra mile to produce a solution that works for you. Journey’s goal is to help ease the stress of our clients, and provide them with the best tools and support possible. General Ledger Integration: Currently Journey can create an import file that will sync with your QuickBooks Pro account (desktop version), as well as most other General Ledger platforms. 401k Retirement Plan Integration: Currently Journey works with DRS401k and PAI401k in a streamlined solution for our clients. We chose to work with these providers because of their service and ability to work with Journey on the back-end so you don’t need to stress about providing reports or sending off a check. Please Note: Journey is always open to creating an integration with new companies that are not listed above, or here: If you are a provider of proprietary software and would like to discuss creating a solution with our platforms working together, please reach out to a Journey Shareholder at your local office (Contact Us).