How do I add/edit a Deduction in PPx?

1. Login to your PPx account and go to your “Employee Tab.” Note: All employee changes need to be made BEFORE you begin a payroll, or the changes will not be applied.

2. Click on the employee’s name, and then click their “Payroll Info” tab. You will see the “Scheduled Deductions” section on the right side.

3. When you click “Add new Deduction” the dropdowns will appear at the top of the list allowing you to add the deduction type, calculation, and amount.

4. Select the deduction from the list. Note: If you do not see the deduction you need listed, please contact your payroll specialist to have it added to your options.

5. Make sure the Deduction Calculation is correct; the calculation built into the system for the deduction will auto populate, but you can select the calculation from the “Ded. Calc.” Dropdown.

6. Enter in the flat amount or percentage under the “Amount” column field. Remember to click Save!

7. After the deduction has been saved, click the calendar Icon next to the deduction amount, when the window pops up, click “edit.”

8. After clicking “edit,” you will be able to enter in a start date for the deduction to begin. Click the dropdown next to the date, and choose the date when the deduction is to begin and save. If you have an end date, you can enter it. Otherwise you can leave this blank until the deduction needs to be deleted. Note: If you need it to apply to the payroll you are beginning after your employee’s edits, select the current date.

9. Make sure the start date is correct when you click the calendar again, and your deduction is now scheduled in the system for this employee.

To Edit a deduction amount:

1. Click on the calendar icon next to the deduction amount.

2. Click “edit” in the window that appears when you click the calendar.

3. Enter in the new amount and click save.