2019 Year-End Checklist

Important Dates

Thursday, November 28th:
Thanksgiving Day — Banks and Journey are both closed. Move your payroll input date back by 1 full business day.
Friday, November 29th:
Journey is open but closes at 12:00 pm. Deadline to submit is 9:00 am instead of 1:00 pm.
Friday, December 13th:
Deadline to have updates submitted to Journey.
Monday, December 23rd:
Submit Payroll any time today for your Friday, December 27th check date.  Finalized payroll must be received before 8:00 am Tuesday morning.
Tuesday, December 24th:
Christmas Eve — Journey is open but closes at 12:00 pm. Due to our processing bank’s early closure, no day-of submissions received after 8:00 am can be processed for a Friday, 12/27 check date. 
Wednesday, December 25th:
Christmas Day Observed — Journey and banks are closed. Move your payroll input date back by 1 full business day.  
Friday, December 27th:
1:00 pm is the deadline to submit finalized payrolls to run for December 31st (last pay date of 2019).
December 14th – 31st:
No company or employee updates pertaining to 2018 will be accepted through this time to ensure punctuality and accuracy.

Contact your payroll specialist or Journey with any questions regarding these dates.

Confirm and/or Update Changes


Company Information
Employee Information
Insurance Information
Special Payroll Requests
Insurance and Benefits
Unemployment Updates


Personal Information

Questions to Ask

Any Company Changes?

Company Address
All W2’s and Annual Fillings will be prepared with your legally registered business address. If this has been changed, please contact your payroll specialist immediately.  An incorrect address could result in a return of all W2’s and employees receiving them past the regulated deadline.
Contact Information
Review Payroll and ownership contact information to make sure they are up to date with Journey.
Rate & Deposit Frequency
Any unemployment rate or Federal/State deposit frequency changes for 2020.

Any Employee Changes?

Contact Information
Verify contract workers (1099), current and past employee (W2) names, addresses, and Social Security Numbers. Missing or invalid information is subject to government penalties.
Manual Checks
All relevant payments that were issued to employees that have not been included with previous payrolls need to be submitted.

Any Insurance Changes?

Employer Contribution
The amount the employer paid towards each individual employee’s health insurance must be reported on the W-2’s for ACA Compliance.
S Corporation 2% Shareholders Health Insurance
The cost of premiums provided to 2% shareholders must be reported as income on the W-2’s.  Please provide this amount to your Payroll Specialist so it can be accounted for on your 2019 W2.

Any Bonus Payrolls?

Please advise us ASAP if you plan to run an extra bonus payroll.

Any bonuses $80,000.00 and above have special processing guidelines: please contact your Payroll Specialist immediately if applicable (processing times may be longer per new ACH guidelines).