Our Value to You

Outsourcing payroll companies doesn’t mean bad service and high cost. Learn the difference service, value, and care can make to your experience and wallet.

Service, value, and care can make a big difference to your experience and your wallet.

We Know Cost Is Crucial, so We Give You the Best and Most for Your Money.
Every successful business is guided by a set of great decisions, including avoiding spending money you don’t need to. It seems that outsourcing payroll companies can nickel and dime you. Every business needs to make sure they truly feel they are partnering with the company they chose and that costs are fair. This is why we look to provide the most value for your buck.

Core Values: Service. Technology. Value.
We get it — you control a critical part of the business, and you may have even been the one that has built your business from the ground up. You’ve survived the worst and you’ve figured out what works for you and your team. You know how to serve your customers, because you’ve figured out exactly what you need to do to stay in business: give your customers something they need. Now let us give you something you need!

The last thing you want is to outsource payroll to a company that doesn’t understand everything you’ve built. Thankfully, that’s not us! We direct our energy towards focusing on the issues you don’t want (nor have time) to deal with. We enhance what you’ve already built by offering more Payroll and HR solutions for less. With our local all-star team, we’re able to surpass those other big-box outsourcing payroll companies.

At Journey, we focus on three key aspects when working with every client.

Fulfilling Needs
Think of us like an upgrade: we figure out how to get more out of your set-up and which of our options would best suit your needs. We’re not here to “upsell” anything; we give you what you ask for — just a better version!

Consistency, consistency, consistency. When you call those billion dollar conglomerates, chances are you’ll connect to someone that has never even heard of you. It’s rare to connect with the same people. At Journey, each client is assigned one dedicated Payroll Specialist. If that person is out of the office and you need help, don’t fret. Our Payroll Specialists work closely with each other, communicating client’s needs for instances when they are out. We remember you. As mentioned before, we’re a small all-star team, so you’ll probably remember all of us as well!

If a client is left unsatisfied, then so are we. After all, we are working with you to make your life easier: if you aren’t feeling the positive effects, then we must be doing something wrong. We will talk it out with you and figure out what the problem might be, and find the right solution. We’re here until you say, “Wow.”

It’s About the Journey

And not the destination. You might hire a fantastic plumber to come over and fix your pipes, and in two or three hours he might be done and gone. But Journey doesn’t focus on a destination — we work continuously with your business and build a relationship. Give us your trust; we’ll give you our best and so much more.

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We’re looking forward to working with you and your business!