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Finding payroll help shouldn’t take hours. We don’t have call centers, so you'll never stay on hold for 30 minutes to ask one question. We’re here to help.

Finding Payroll Help is Easy When Your Payroll Provider Thrives on Service!

Here’s something big payroll companies won’t tell you: they cut corners. Sure, they might give you a great song and dance during the sales process, but when it comes down to reaching someone for payroll help, everything changes. All of a sudden you can’t reach anyone and realize you’ve been “sold.” We focus on client needs and satisfaction, not sales rates. We continually prove this, though we start by hiring sales professionals that are not paid off commissions.

Whether you’re a single owner s-corp or a company with 500 employees, you’ll get the same A+ level of service for our team. Obviously big companies do most things right because they’re on the stock exchange. We however, have learned that without local ownership businesses could feel like a commodity – the extra level of care just isn’t there.

We offer you more thorough and personal payroll, HR, and solutions in our standard package than even the billion dollar companies. Why? Because service is the pillar Journey was founded on and that will never change. With Journey, you’re never going to be just another number in a queue, and you will never find yourself stuck in a long line of callers waiting to connect to a random rep. If you need payroll help, we’re always here for you and your business.

We’ve got your back because we know that the best service is that which provides everything you could need and more, alongside a firm handshake and a friendly joke.

At Journey, you are guaranteed the following:

We Remember.
You won’t have to explain your business, your situation, and your issue half a dozen times before getting a solution or answer. With Journey, you’re a name and a business, not a number.

We serve to establish relationships; because only through relationships can you deliver the best service possible. Our team will work hard for your approval and recommendation because we know the best way to grow our business is to make sure we provide the best for yours.

We’re Hands-On.
We’re not going to redirect you to a customer support center across the pond or give you a service number to contact a week from now. Give us all the details right away, and we will figure out what needs to be done and how soon we can do it. Whether you are in need of payroll help with taxes, employee onboarding, or timekeeping solutions — we’re here.

We Are Always Ready For More.
Need a payroll system upgrade? A small adjustment to onboarding? Payroll is our bread and butter, but we offer a buffet of services for clients to pick and choose from. We’ve seen it all and handled everything — the more unique your payroll, the more exciting our job will be!

Payroll companies aren’t all the same. Learn the difference Journey makes for your payroll experience.

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We’re looking forward to working with you and your business!