Meet Jimbo

Jimbo’s Journey

What does payroll have to do with elephants, you may ask? Well, our simile lines up perfectly to a herd of elephants. For this reason, we created an adorable elephant to encompass our organization.

Organizational Simile

Our team at Journey Payroll & HR is like a parade of elephants. You can tell we mean business. What you may not be able to tell until you get to know us is how much we value building long-term relationships, moving together, and keeping a vigilant eye on what’s happening around us.

Like elephants, we listen well, remember, and seek to be understanding of others. We can sense a storm coming from miles away, and unlike some, we don’t run from it. The Journey team will face a storm head-on and move forward.

What does Journey have in common with Elephants?

  1. Attentiveness: Like the elephant, we pay attention to our environment and those in it. We’re concerned not just with ourselves, but with those in our herd and those around us! Journey strives to give each client the attention they deserve to maintain our A+ level of service.
  2. Family Bond: Elephants and the Journey team have a very similar familial bond. At Journey, we genuinely see ourselves as a work-family first and foremost. Teamwork is paramount. We understand the strength, cohesion, and power that comes from unity, which works great for running a payroll company. This theory doesn’t just apply to our team, but our clients as well. We believe in maintaining quality relationships with our clients to ensure our service comes full circle.
  3. Empathy: One of the things we heavily rely on day in and day out is empathy. We train new team members to always act with compassion, so clients understand they always have someone on their side. Our team believes if you work with empathy, the rest will fall into place! Our team members treat every paycheck with the same importance they would treat their own.
An elephant wearing glasses and office attire reading a book and leaning on a bookshelf
Meet Jimbo.

“Meet Jimbo”

Now that you understand why we’d compare ourselves to an elephant, we’ll explain who Jimbo is. When we started brainstorming what our mascot should be, it didn’t take long to decide on an elephant. Along with one of our shareholders, Audra Sandage’s obsession over these pachyderms, it seemed a natural pairing of personalities! While we’re excited about the meaning behind the elephant, we’re also happy about how perfect he turned out!

Kevin Welch, CEO of Journey, Explains How a Mascot, an Elephant, and Finally “Jimbo” Came to Life

The Story of Jimbo is a Personal One for Kevin Welch

I’ve always loved when companies can properly deliver a company character that’s catchy, meaningful, and while fun, means business. An elephant was the first animal that came to my mind because I knew the meaning behind the beloved animal, and because of a special family tie.

My mother-in-law, Rose, loved Elephants. She was an amazing woman, and unfortunately, we lost her to pancreatic cancer in 2009. Rose was a protector on this earth of the people she loved, just as she is the best guardian angel for her grandchildren today. These feelings are no different from an elephant protecting their loved ones by any means necessary.

How does an elephant work with our mission of humanizing payroll in the workplace?

Elephants and humans are clearly different, but our elephant is confident in trying to do everything a human can do. Jimbo represents what makes both species amazing and encompasses the beliefs and values of Journey perfectly.

We want every person in the workplace to feel comfortable with Journey’s offerings. You could be 16 years old at your first job, 30 years old and are a technology hot shot, or 70 years old and have seen system after system. Journey’s goal is to tie the best technology and the best service together for any great business or human. Or, in this case, an elephant proving he can do the same things a human can do!

Bringing Jimbo to Life

An elephant in business casual attire with a sign that says Follow me for a refreshing way to payroll

The name “Jim” came to mind because it was the name of my Godfather, an amazing man and veteran, who our family also recently lost. If I wanted to have a name that meant business, yet fun, that was my Uncle Jim all right! I threw out a twist of that name, and right when I said “Jimbo,” people around me loved it. Ashlee said, “Jimbo’s Journey, that’s perfect.” We loved it and never looked back.

After that, we were lucky enough to create a great relationship with the talented 3D artist, Patrick Dickerson. Patrick made Jimbo come alive and started to help the vision come to reality.

So far, the inspiration for Jimbo has come from the Journey team, as well as an amazing woman and man who lived a life bigger than just themselves. To make this a full circle, we now have someone living an amazing life today, touching more lives than most can only dream of, being the voice of our Jimbo!

Brian Tally is the voice behind Jimbo, and Brian has a unique story himself. Journey is about heart, and Jimbo needs to be as well. Brian is a veteran that has gone through an incredible and arduous adventure. He has taken the negative in his life as motivation to help veterans in similar situations. He is currently leading the Tally Bill through legislation to other veterans. We can’t think of a better heart to be the voice of Jimbo.

With how much thought and heart went into Jimbo, the elephant, we hope you enjoy him as much as we do. We believe he truly represents Journey and our team. Hopefully, he will bring a smile to the faces of our clients like he has for us!