Our Vision

Finally, a Payroll Company that Keeps Your Best Interest in Mind

We like to say that our vision is you – our client. Here at Journey, we always put clients first because we know our most important asset is you. Journey makes all of our decisions with our clients at the forefront of our mind. Whether it be new services, technology, or discounts, it’s all based on the client’s needs.

Our Vision for You

Imagine, a few years from now, you have just reviewed your net payroll from Journey  Employer Solutions… on your phone at lunch. You didn’t used to be able to do that with your last payroll service, and it makes you think about how glad you are that on your journey to find a better payroll solution, you found Journey. You chose them because you felt their sincerity about putting their clients first.

How We Aim to Make Clients Feel

That makes you think back to the time you became a client. Payroll was more of a hassle before you found Journey, but you honestly don’t remember if you found Journey or if Journey found you. You don’t remember feeling “sold” anything, you remember feeling enlightened. Rather than leaving you behind, they taught you everything you wanted to know about your payroll.

Before Journey, you never knew who you would talk to when you called your provider. They seemed to churn through staff. Instead of putting clients first, they seem to put them second to “selling.” Now, you get the same warm voice when you call, and the same friendly smile when you stop in.

It’s more than that though. You feel like you’re dealing with the owner of Journey, and yet, someone who is an extension of your team. You feel like more than a client and not a number.

Your Friends at Journey

Your journey with Journey Payroll & HR has been rewarding. It seems like they have repeatedly come up with solutions and technology, even before it’s needed. But they don’t feel like a technology company; they feel like a 5-Star Customer Service company – amenity-rich, putting clients first.

It’s funny; you don’t even remember thinking that a Payroll Provider could actually be something more than a neutral to you, or something that could make you happy. However, now you feel like they are your friends. They pop up on your social media feed and share things that are important to you or make you smile. You see them truly supporting clients, in times of success and times of distress.

Around the holidays, you see their donation work and their employees having fun. If they’re in the vicinity, they’ll pop into your business to buy something, drop something off, or even just say “hi.” When they recognize you while out and about, they make sure to greet you and see how your business is doing. In short, they make you happy to be associated with such a friendly, influential local business.

Putting Clients First

That’s how we like to envision you as our client. We can’t really claim to know what you will feel or think of Journey  Employer Solutions at that point in time, but we’re out to create that. Understandably, it’s hard to believe a payroll company could put their clients first as Journey does. To prove it to you, we’d like you to show you our client reviews.

Your satisfaction and happiness with us – now and in the future, that is our goal and our focus.