New shareholder, Audra Sandage, is promoted to Vice President of California to Lead Journey’s New Location

Journey promotes from within and brings their best in service, technology, and value to the West coast. Journey Employer Solutions in California happily announces Audra Sandage as a shareholder and the new Vice President of Journey California. They’re one of the fastest 100 growing companies for eight years straight and still going. Moreover, Journey is … Read more

Journey Employer Solutions Opens Third Location in Southern California

Journey brings their superior service, technology, and value in the payroll industry to the West Coast! Journey Employer Solutions has an exciting announcement. After the success of their first and second locations, they’re opening a third office in Orange County, CA.  For this reason, they anticipate their California location having the same success as Journey … Read more

Ashlee Faulkner becomes President of Colorado for Journey Employer Solutions!

Journey Employer Solutions continues their award-winning growth in the payroll industry and sticks with their standard of promoting within. Journey Colorado announces with excitement that Ashlee Faulkner is the new President of Colorado! For eight consecutive years and running, Journey Colorado has snagged the Mercury 100 award for the 100 fastest growing companies in the … Read more