Image of a person wearing a blue shirt and a braid with hands up signifiy she doesn't want secondhand stress.

Avoiding Secondhand Stress in the Workplace

Have you ever arrived at work and felt that vibe in the air? You know the one… it’s like a… tingle. A lowkey rumble, almost. You feel that familiar sense of dread. Oh, no. Here we go again. There’s drama in the workplace. Your body begins to have a physical reaction– your blood pressure begins … Read more
Image of an employee cross-training other employees.

Why Cross-Training Employees Is Best for Your Business

I first heard the term “cross-training” when I was working at a bank fresh out of college. The bank hired me as a personal banker, but the corporate headquarters wanted more. In fact, they wanted all personal bankers to learn and understand the teller job responsibilities. At first, I was a little taken aback, my … Read more
Image of how to use social media marketing with social media icons on a website.

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Business

Companies have used marketing strategies to promote their business as long as commerce has existed. Let’s skip along a timeline of marketing trends before arriving at the modern day method of promoting your business. Hopefully, after a little insight you’ll know how to use social media marketing to amplify the image you would like to … Read more
A word cloud featuring "Fringe Benefits".

Employee Perks Programs Enhance the Total Compensation Package

Before working in the payroll industry, I believed compensation was merely my salary.  Aside from the digits that made up my gross salary, nothing else mattered.  Even though my understanding has since changed, I wasn’t alone in my thinking then, and there are still many people who maintain that intense focus on salary.  Many people … Read more
Image of employees smiling and looking at a laptop together.

Great Employee Relations Examples and How They Affect Productivity

It’s likely most businesses would say their main goal is to earn a profit.  Thereafter, the ancillary goals companies have often align with that overarching goal.  In other words, some companies are good to customers because they know good customer service impacts productivity, and, therefore, the bottom line.  Amazon and Publix are the recognizable companies … Read more
Photo of cash, a Visa card, and a thermometer, signifying employee loans and financial health.

Employee Loans as a Component of Financial Health and Wellness

The topic of financial health and wellness was trending a year ago.  Before the pandemic, debt elimination seminars and workshops were all the rage.  Now, the once hot topic may feel more like a future aspiration than an immediate possibility for many employees.  This is especially true if you are receiving inquiries about employee loans. … Read more
Photo of rows of black-clad LEGO people, with one orange

Different is Good: Recognizing the Different Types of Employees

Different is good, right?  Well, if you are an employer, that statement can certainly be true.  After all, few businesses are static entities, made up of a bunch of people performing the same task within the same timeframe with the same tools.  In fact, many businesses have a myriad of roles, and also needs, to … Read more
Image of a worker celebrating processing payroll because of the ERC.

Important Updates to the Employee Retention Credit

Last year was a hard one on many fronts.  It was hard for individuals, and it was hard for businesses.  Many business owners had to face tough choices, often choosing between what was best for their own families, or trying to keep their employees working.  While many businesses were shutting their doors, the Feds saw … Read more
Image of a yellow LEGO head making an "oops" face, like he has tax issues.

Tax Issues that Can Break Your Heart

Life can throw a lot of problems our way, but some issues are just more problematic than others.  Take tax issues, for example.  If they are small, you can find a way to resolve them quickly and easily.  If they are big, however, they could be costly and take a long time to fix.  In … Read more