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Small Business Trends and What They Mean for 2021

The year 2020 has been a record year for change.  We’ve experienced an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, labor processes turned upside down, and radical change in awareness of racial injustice.  Without a doubt, we have been learning countless lessons along the way.  To add to it, we still have nearly a quarter of the year to … Read more
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Cautionary Tales of Cancel Culture in the Workplace

Some people find themselves in the Human Resources hotseat over the course of their working career.  Most times whatever happened was unintendedly offensive to someone, or against company policy.  In today’s social and political climate, however, there is quite a variety of mistakes that can land employees in front of HR, or worse—suddenly fired.  Furthermore, … Read more
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Thoughtful Ways We See Businesses Giving Back

If you’ve never read Charles Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol, bookmark this post, then come back after you’ve read the novel.  If you’re not a reader, there are several great movie versions for you to choose from—and no judgement here if you prefer cinema over paper and ink!  Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m pointing … Read more
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What Is Job Sharing and How Can It Benefit My Business?

Imagine a job position where you only had to report to work a couple days out of the week.  Then, despite your absence, the work still miraculously got done.  Well, that idea not so far-fetched.  In fact, it’s entirely possible with a concept called job sharing.  Job sharing can be a great thing for both … Read more
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Going with the Flow of the New 1099-NEC

The Just as everything seems to be changing in 2020, it’s only natural that we would have a new 1099 form to think about, as well.  So, let’s find out what the new version of the 1099 form is all about so that we can be ready to file taxes after the new year.  After … Read more
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Leaves of Change: Fall Unemployment Benefit Payments

Never in the history of our generation’s lifetime have so many people looked in anticipation of unemployment benefit payments.  Yet, here we are as the ripple effect of COVID-19 changes everything we’ve ever done.  After Congress initially passed the CARES Act, parties couldn’t come to an agreement on how to proceed with extending the act’s … Read more
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What You Should Know About Talking Politics in the Workplace

Besides being one of the wackiest years in the books, 2020 is also shaping up to be an interesting election year.  With the motley crew of presidential candidates comes sure-fire heated political debates, and—for some—guaranteed entertainment, if you’re into that kind of thing.  If this were a normal year, the water cooler would be hopping … Read more
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Remote Work and Multi-State Withholding Requirements

Once upon a time, people went to work.  While they were at work, they pretty much stayed in one city, and probably even one building.  Life was simple.  Get up, go to work, get a paycheck, file taxes, repeat.  Bah-dah-boom, bah-dah-bing.  Then, life took an unexpected turn.  Yes, I’m talking about the Coronavirus pandemic, for … Read more
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Postponed, Not Forgiven: The Social Security Tax Deferral

A month ago, Journey reported on the current administration’s announcement there was soon to be a payroll tax cut.  The idea was in response to the decision not to send out another wave of stimulus checks, while still attempting to alleviate some of the financial stress American citizens are feeling.  The tax cut would allow … Read more
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Leading the Way to the Polls: Showing Employees How to Vote

As an employer, your employees probably look up to you for a variety of reasons.  First, you’ve made it to the top by running a company.  Second, you probably show up each day ready to work and achieve your goals.  Third, there’s a good chance you do your part by giving back to your community.  … Read more