Journey presents HRNOW! Offering HR Services On-demand

LIVE 1/15/19: Journey’s HRNOW Service for Small to Medium Size Businesses Journey Employer Solutions, a full-service payroll company, announced the launch of a new offering, HRNOW.  This new service provides small to mid-sized businesses on-demand access to human resource experts. It completely eliminates the need to maintain an in-house HR department.  Business owners who opt into … Read more

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employee

What’s the difference? You’ve heard the terms exempt employee and non-exempt employee, but do you know the difference between the two? It’s important to understand the distinction, from both the employer and employee standpoint. The most significant difference is overtime pay. Non-Exempt employees must receive payment for overtime work, whereas Exempt Employees do not.  But, … Read more
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Your Company Can Be Paperless and Compliant

Just in case you haven’t taken a drive on the digital highway recently, we’re here to tell you that paperless onboarding is speeding down the left lane and passing all the HR departments that are still pushing paper. Furthermore—a 2015 study conducted by Archive Systems, Inc. (now Access) showed that 77% of HR professionals have … Read more
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