Stop, Drop, and Avoid Scams: Labor Law Poster Compliance Solicitations

The sound of a ringing phone is usually good news for a small business.  It means things are happening.  For business owners, the sound of a ringing phone might sound like, “Cha-ching!”  So, what happens when your lines are suddenly inundated with calls about the need for your business to remain compliant… or else? The … Read more

Identifying the Perfect Candidate

Some professional pointers The scenario: there is an opening at your company and you simply don’t have the time or budget to conduct a long, drawn out search to find the perfect fit. How do you identify the perfect candidate? We referred to the opinions of three experienced hiring managers – to understand how they … Read more

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employee

What’s the difference? You’ve heard the terms exempt employee and non-exempt employee, but do you know the difference between the two? It’s important to understand the distinction, from both the employer and employee standpoint. The most significant difference is overtime pay. Non-Exempt employees must receive payment for overtime work, whereas Exempt Employees do not.  But, … Read more
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Your Company Can Be Paperless and Compliant

Just in case you haven’t taken a drive on the digital highway recently, we’re here to tell you that paperless onboarding is speeding down the left lane and passing all the HR departments that are still pushing paper. Furthermore—a 2015 study conducted by Archive Systems, Inc. (now Access) showed that 77% of HR professionals have … Read more
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Businesses Win Under Supreme Court Decision to Limit Workers in Arbitration Cases

Monday, in a 5 to 4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of businesses by giving them the power to block employees from banding together to bring class action suits against employers accused of wage theft and other workplace-related conditions and violations. Now, each case must go through arbitration individually for resolution. The decision … Read more
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It’s EEO-1 Report Time

Now what? Mark your calendar. Friday, June 1st is the new deadline for filing your 2017 EEO-1 report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). March 31st was the original deadline. Whew, right? Before you panic about yet another form, let’s first go over what the report is and which companies need to comply. The report … Read more

Attorney? HR Consultant? Who You Gonna Call?

Human resources can be somewhat tricky to navigate. There are state and federal regulations that you need to be aware of, keeping abreast of changing tax policies, and understanding best practices.  If something goes awry with one or more of your employees, you may find yourself treading in unfamiliar territory. This is especially true for … Read more

IRS Adjusts 2018 HSA Contribution Limits for Family Coverage (Again)

Just when you thought you had your Health Savings Account (HSA) all figured out and under control—boom—the IRS has switched it up again. Less than two months ago, the IRS announced a reduction to the 2018 maximum allowable HSA payroll deduction, from $6,900 to $6,850. Feedback from employers, major stakeholders, and even individual taxpayers reflected … Read more