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Year-End Checklist: Journey into 2020 the Right Way!

November 25, 2019

Year-end is always stressful for businesses. Learn about holiday closures and deadlines, and download a printable copy of the year-end checklist!

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Use a Checklist & Ease Year-End Stress

We all understand year-end is stressful. With back-to-back holidays, family chaos, and shopping, deadlines can easily fall through the cracks. Hence, the stress-relief of a year-end checklist! Read on to learn what these deadlines are, and why they are important.

Why the Checklist is Important

Year-End is arguably the most chaotic time of the year. Although it’s typically called “the most wonderful time of year,” it is stressful! Therefore, we create a checklist of important deadlines and tasks every year for our wonderful clients. After all, if you don’t have the brainpower to remember deadlines, you probably can’t muster some to write out an entire list!

Aside from the stress-relief, the items on our checklist are crucial for your company. Year-end notes the finalization of your payroll and tax information. For this reason, there are items that you should double-check or update to ensure proper processing of your business’ paperwork and taxes. If these items are incorrect, it can result in missed deadlines, late fees, and other applicable fines.

Important Deadlines

The holidays make payroll submission deadlines shift, so this is one item we really stress for clients. Generally, you need to move your payroll submission deadline back by 1 full business day. For example, if your payroll submission is Wednesday, but Wednesday is a holiday, you’ll need to submit Tuesday. If this gets too confusing, we’ve made an FAQ that will help you plan your input deadlines.

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November Dates

  • Thursday, November 28th: Thanksgiving Day – Journey and Banks are closed. Move your payroll input date back by 1 full business day.
  • Friday, November 29th: Day After Thanksgiving – Journey closes at 12:00 pm. Deadline to submit is 9:00 am.
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December Dates

  • Friday, December 13th: Deadline to have updates submitted to Journey.
  • Monday, December 23rd: Submit Payroll any time today for your Friday, December 27th check date. Finalized payroll must be received before 8:00 am Tuesday morning.
  • Tuesday, December 24th: Christmas Eve – Journey is open but closes at 12:00 pm. Due to our processing bank’s early closure, no day-of submittals received after 8:00 am can be processed for a Friday, December 27th check date.
  • Wednesday, December 25th: Christmas Day – Journey and banks are closed.
  • Friday, December 27th: 1:00 pm is the deadline to submit payrolls to run for December 31st (last pay date of 2019).
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Download Your Checklist & Get Planning

As shown above, there’s plenty to stress you out in the next few months. Rather than stressing though, go ahead and start planning! We assure you, planning eases stress significantly. Click the button below to download your printable copy. If you’d like further clarification, click the “Year-End Checklist Webinar” button to watch our Webinar. As always, reach out to your Payroll Specialist with any questions!

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