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December 3, 2020

Learn about five types of marketing that can help your digital sales efforts to be even more effective.

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Many things have changed this year, but one thing hasn’t – the need for marketing. The types of marketing, however, have changed. Our current culture has created the need for a different approach in marketing that will continue into 2021.

While some methods are considered more traditional than others, there are techniques for making any marketing venture more successful. The types of marketing you decide to use really depend on your business and targeted audience. In this article, we’ll discuss not only the different types of marketing but also the ways small businesses can easily apply these tactics. Let’s start by looking at the shift to digital marketing and its benefits.

The Shift to Digital Marketing

It’s not surprising that like everything else this year, marketing has shifted to a more digital approach. Even more so than it already was. With everyone staying home and shopping online, marketing had to adjust to reach this newly developed audience. Following suit with these marketing trends will ensure your efforts yield the highest results.

Although some methods on our list may be different than what you’re used to, it’ll be worth it in the long-run. Your business can even save some money in the process. For example, one of the benefits of digital marketing is the saved costs of printing materials.

Of the types of marketing, the most popular are all within the digital marketing category.

While you’ll likely spend the same amount on the designs or creation of your marketing materials, at least you won’t need to add additional costs on top of it. Most of the methods we’ll discuss include using marketing materials in an email campaign or social media ads. Both of these options are significantly cheaper than printing and/or shipping. There are also the saved costs for your salespeople as well – their time is very valuable.

Another benefit of our digital marketing focus on this list is the audience potential. You’ll reach a wider audience than you’d ever be able to otherwise. Even a billboard on a major highway can’t compete with the audiences available online. So, keep this in mind while creating your content. Ensure you’re appealing to these wider audiences so your efforts aren’t in vain. Read our article with additional digital marketing tips to learn more.

If you’re not familiar with cookies, they help track user’s behavior online. After the cookie has had time to track some browser history, the user will start seeing ads related to their search and shopping history. This ensures targeted ads are showing to the correct users, creating the highest conversions. So, along with all of the above-mentioned benefits of focusing on digital marketing, there are also the benefits of its efficiency.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of the focus on digital marketing, let’s take a look at the first of our types of marketing, search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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One of the best things you can do for your marketing efforts in 2021 is to invest in your business’ SEO. With the continued move towards digital in the age of Coronavirus, SEO is more important than ever. If you’re not visible on search engines, the rest of your digital marketing efforts are pointless. If you give your site’s SEO a little attention, the resulting traffic will be well worth the money and effort. This type of marketing is arguably the most important on this list for 2021.

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If you’re just starting out in your digital marketing efforts, this is the perfect time to find an SEO expert. Starting your SEO off right will ensure smooth sailing for everything afterward. Remember, this type of marketing is different than more traditional methods as far as payoff goes. While you’ll see the fruits of most marketing pay off somewhat quickly, this type will take a while.

Aside from taking longer at the start, SEO is also a longer-term investment. Optimization isn’t a one-time project. It must be monitored and updated over time for the best results. The good news is once you have the foundation for your SEO plan built, it’ll be much easier to monitor.

Our next type of marketing is one that will build upon your newly-optimized SEO efforts. It will further improve your online visibility and ties into your website. This includes our next type on our list of the types of marketing – social media.

Social Media

There are a few different methods you can use to market and advertise on social media. If properly paired with your search engine optimization efforts, you’ll generate a consistent traffic stream. Due to the massive audiences on social media, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on. Luckily, social media platforms are relatively easy to use, and ad campaigns are built into many popular platforms.

For example, both Facebook and Instagram have options for paid ads. You can easily purchase your ad and customize the audience you target. It’s also a pretty affordable option, especially when you consider the size of the audience. According to, 37% of the world’s population uses some kind of social media. You can reach users you never could have reached without the use of social media.

Although time-consuming, this method still gives you the most bang for your buck. You’ll probably spend a lot of time interacting with customers, but this is still well-worth the low entry-costs.

Like we also just mentioned, you’re reaching your largest possible audience paired with the use of tracking cookies. So, you’re truly able to reach your best-targeted audience. Social media is also good for your business’s reputation – an added marketing bonus. Now, let’s look into another low entry-cost type of marketing.

One of the many types of marketing involves social media.

Email Marketing

While many of these are newer concepts, there is one tried and true method on our list – email marketing. This is one of the types of marketing that many people are familiar with – probably because we’ve all received the dreaded spam email. There are good and bad types of email marketing, and we all know how annoying the bad ones can be. Let’s see how proper email marketing can help integrate your digital marketing plan.

It’s no secret that email marketing is easier than old-school flyers and mailers. It’s also significantly cheaper, as it requires as little as an email campaign system. Mailers, on the other hand, require printing and postage, which adds up quickly. Aside from the monetary savings, this method also cuts down on waste, making it a greener option in this way too. These are just a few of the many reasons email marketing is so popular.

Too many emails: a woman sitting on the floor in front of her laptop, with doodles of email envelopes above her head.

With that being said, keep in mind you’ll have to deal with some stiff competition. Most people get less than 10 marketing emails a day if they’re lucky. According to, the average person last year received 246 emails per day. So, you’ll have to be creative and really spend time planning your campaigns to stand out against the others. Here are a few small tips that will greatly increase your odds.

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Email Marketing Tips

  • Don’t over send
  • Have different target audiences
  • Make your content engaging
  • Try Personalizing your content


This type of marketing is exactly what it sounds like. You pay a percentage or a certain amount to the hosting company any time someone clicks on your ad – i.e. pay-per-click. Just make sure you’re not going about this method in a way that annoys users. This is a marketing method that can easily get ignored, so keep this in mind. We’ve all experienced annoying popups and ads that won’t seem to leave us alone. On the other hand, if you do it correctly, a PPC campaign will result in many conversions.

As with most successful marketing campaigns, you’ll want to make sure you’re reaching the correct audience. If you don’t pay attention to your audience, most of your efforts will come across as too “spammy.” You should also create content that doesn’t scream, ‘this is an ad!’ This increases your success rate because it also adds to your credibility.

This brings us to our final type of marketing, content marketing. This will further cement all of the types of marketing we’ve mentioned above.

Content Marketing

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This type of marketing is another longer-term approach. Content marketing means creating content like blogs, videos, imagery, etc. that relates to an area or topic but doesn’t market a product specifically. For example, a brand could promote content related to their industry or the interests of their audiences based on their products.

If you properly set up your content marketing plan, you’ll be able to educate and inform your audience about products they’re actually interested in. This is much more effective than the old door-to-door approach of sales. When using content marketing to its full potential, you can market to audiences without them realizing it’s marketing. Content marketing is also great for your website, social media, and SEO overall.

Varied content will help your consumers stay engaged. Engagement keeps potential customers returning to your website, blog, etc., meaning more opportunities to sell your product or service. This also gives you the chance to show your expertise and knowledge of your field. If consumers trust you, they’re more likely to continue buying from you.

All of these types of marketing work together to create the best marketing plan possible for your business. Start now to create a solid foundation and future for all of your marketing efforts.

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