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TLC’s Six Year Anniversary Brings TLC’s deserving family vacation giveaway.

January 12, 2016

TLC's explosive growth, highlights of the year and giving back. For our six year anniversary, we'd like to give one deserving family a great vacation!

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As President and CEO of TLC, I receive many of the same questions from different people regarding my role and our business here at TLC. I would like to answer some of these questions while recapping TLC’s growth and talking about the future. Also, I would like to express my personal feelings, and touch on some cool things that we are all really excited about at TLC.

I still can’t believe it’s 2016. I see my kids growing in the blink of an eye, which is very bittersweet. I see TLC growing faster and stronger, and I have to pinch myself sometimes. We sometimes just have to smile and chuckle at how far we have come since the beginning days of TLC. We have gained amazing clients, phenomenal partnerships, and unbreakable friendships; without each one of those relationships, we would not be where we are today. I cannot say thank YOU enough, and part of how we will do that is to make sure you always are receiving the best service, technology, and value. I am so excited about our future with all of you being a part of it.

Are we done growing?

Do I have a shot at making the PGA Tour? For the ones that have not golfed with me, the answer is a safe, no.

We have implemented the very best technology and have invested for the long term here at TLC. On top of that, I have never been more proud of a group of individuals that I work with than our current team. Our Tax Leadership is amazing, our Payroll Management is second to none, and our Front Office, Marketing and Implementation roles impress me every single day. Lastly, we have undeniably the right people at the wheel for Business Development to let more businesses know about our process, offerings, and most importantly, what we stand for. So to answer the question, no, we are not done growing.

Other owners have asked me what our best moves were for 2015?

  • Sue Shirley and Ashlee Faulkner becoming shareholders (one of the best business decisions in my life).
  • We acquired Peak Payroll and strengthened our partnership with DRS401k.
  • We made more services free within TLC’s HUB that lead the industry.

What am I most excited about for 2016?

  • TLC Wallet going from a great idea, to the latest must-have. What’s TLC Wallet? More details will be out soon, but it’s a must have for any business!
  • TLC Onboarding offered free for every client. I get extremely nerdy with this technology stuff.
  • TLC trip of a lifetime to a deserving family. (I’ll come back to this shortly.)
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Why has TLC been named one of the fastest growing companies by BizWest four years in a row?

Technology and value sound great and are part of it, but bottom line – it’s our team, clients and partners.

How does TLC continue to keep up their reputation and retention with your strong growth?

Having the right people on the team in all aspects. Investing in them; whether we’re talking about training, education, unlimited PTO, 100% paid health insurance, anniversary vacations given to them +1, or simply making everyone feel needed and appreciated. I definitely do my best to accomplish 100% of this every day. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed, but my goal is to always be the best company to work for, and this is only possible with my amazing fellow shareholders, Sue and Ashlee, and the other amazing leaders on our team.

What’s your #1 priority?

You may have already picked this up, but my #1 focus is and always will be the members of our team. I have lived in a world where it felt like I was just a number. I never want anyone on our team to feel that way. The blood line of TLC are these amazing individuals, and that is why I do not like the term “employees.” Employee is defined as, “a person employed for wages.” First, I understand everyone needs to make wages, but my goal is for them to come in every day for more than that. You can punch a clock in and out anywhere. (We’ll sell you the best time clock, by the way.) At the end of the day we see what other great companies do (many being our clients), and incorporate some of those ideas, with our personal ideas. My priority will always be putting together the best culture and environment on top of our service offerings.

THE NEWEST TLC IDEA! TLC’s deserving family vacation giveaway.

I am truly a blessed person. How did I get so lucky to be born in an area of the world with opportunities, with hard working parents that gave me options in life, to have the wife that I have and to have two healthy amazing children? I’m writing this letter as my 4 year old son has a 104 degree temperature and is lying next to me in pain. This sickness is what actually sparked this idea. The doctor can say it’s a virus, and he will be fine in a couple of days, but it still crushes me knowing I cannot fix the problem right away. Every parent knows this feeling. At the same time, like most, I realize how lucky we are to have a healthy family and our sicknesses have been temporary.

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Much like everyone else, my heart breaks for families that are not as fortunate when it comes to health. TLC has budgeted and created a forecast to make sure we are strong throughout our growth. I have decided that we will be removing a company conference from our budget, and putting that money and more towards sending a family who has not been as fortunate as some others, (due to health reasons or other form of bad luck) to Walt Disney World in Florida for a much needed family vacation that they will cherish forever. This is my families favorite place to visit and seeing a child’s face light up at Disney is priceless.

I will be asking our clients to submit one entry of a deserving family in their company. We will want to hear from our clients, why your team member and their family is deserving of this. Please look out for an email from me within the next 30 days that will ask for these nominations.

I recognize this does not cure anything, but we hope to do more and more of this type of thing in the future to make more amazing memories for deserving families. Everyone close to me has heard my cheeseball line, “I just want everyone to be happy as possible.” Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but at the end of the day the more things we can do to spread warmth and happy smiles, the better off we all are.

Thank You.

I would like to thank all of you for your loyalty and trust in TLC. You can only expect to see TLC get bigger, better, and continue to do more for our clients. Endless thank you’s to our internal team: Sue, Ashlee, Drew, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Sarah, Lina, Morgan, Breean and Michelle. A huge thank you to our geniuses and dependable partners: Rick, Rob, Alissa, Josh, Gerald, Logan and Letty. A special thank you to our friendly competitors out there, Andy and Kirk to name a couple. It sounds odd to thank our competitors, but we all push each other to bring our companies up a notch, and with this, we’re all improving the experience for the clients… which is all of our goals.

Happy New Year! Please keep a look out for the application regarding TLC’s Deserving family vacation giveaway!



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