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THANK YOU for Referring Colleagues and Friends

December 8, 2016

TLC wants to say thank you to our clients for referring friends by offering a new referral program! Learn what it is and how much you can save!

Thank you referral receive 15 off

We may be biased but we believe TLC Employer Services has the best clients. We are fortunate to have these amazing people trust and refer us to help us win awards for our growth every year. We are growing because of you and we never forget that.

How do we plan on thanking clients that refer their colleagues and friends?

First, we always want to make sure our commitment never waivers in providing the best service, technology, and value for your business.

Second, we want to offer you a discount that lasts an entire year.

TLC’s Thank You for Referring Program saves you 15% for every referral!

It gets better! If you refer multiple businesses that sign up with TLC the 15% keeps piling up. Meaning if two of your referrals sign up your discount increases to 30% for the next year. You can continue stacking discounts until your payroll is completely FREE.

TLC’s Thank You for Referring Program Details

  • Starts December 8, 2016.
  • Referrals 12/8/16 through 12/31/17 are applied to the entire year of 2018. I.E. If you refer three businesses that join TLC within this period, your entire 2018 is 45% off.
  • Every calendar year the referrals add up and are applied to the entire future year.
  • Every January 1st, the discount resets.
  • If a referred client is 40% or smaller in size the discount is 7% instead of 15%. I.E. If a 200-employee company refers a 3-employee company, the 200-employee company will receive a 7% discount. This is because of the drastic difference in price. This 7% discount will still be greater than the entire cost of the 3-employee company so this is in place for pure financial reasons as TLC needs to limit any major financial loss.

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