Journey Updates

TLC Commits 1% of Top Line to Charity

December 12, 2016

We're lucky to have partners and clients that help us succeed and grow. To show our appreciation, TLC donates 1% of our top line to charity!

charity hands

At TLC Employer Services, we are fortunate to have loyal partners and clients that continue to help us grow by referring businesses our way. One way we want to thank these companies and individuals is to invest in our community through the good work of non-profits. Non-profits are the experts in supporting our community much more effectively than if we tried to do so ourselves.

We believe giving back to others is extremely important and a valuable action successful companies should partake in. Life is about people and if we can’t help one another then we’re missing something!

We are committed to dedicating at least 1% of the top line revenue back to the community through various non-profits. The non-profits we donate to are done so at the direction of our clients and team.

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