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Temporary Layoffs: How to Downsize in these Unchartered Waters

March 18, 2020

Temporary layoffs are a reality during these uncertain times. Here is a video discussion with ways to appropriately administer layoffs or downsize.

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During times of uncertainty, we are all in the same boat.  The surf is choppy, and our footing is unsteady. Nevertheless, we want to make sure our clients are well informed of the foreseeable on the horizon.  Furthermore, we aim to provide as much guidance as possible.  Think of us as your compass, using our small business knowhow to guide you through some tough times.  At this point, it is important to discuss temporary layoffs.

Introducing Video Conversations – Downsizing

While we recognize the value in blog posts, we also realize that many clients prefer a more intimate means of communication.  Considering this, we provide videos on certain topics, so that our clients can hear an organic discussion of some pressing issues, including layoffs and downsizing.

Thus, here is our video discussing temporary layoffs.  Journey Payroll & HR CEO Kevin Welch and Journey Colorado President Ashlee Faulkner invite guest expert and co-owner of simplyHR Tina Todd, PHR-CA, SHRM-CP.  The following are topics of discussion during the video:

  • Unemployment resources – partial vs. full layoffs
  • How to choose which staff to keep
  • To avoid layoffs, what are other ideas?
  • Rules for exempt/nonexempt employees
  • Providing resources available for employees
  • New and/or pending legislation

Real Speak, but Optimistic Downsizing

While the subject of layoffs might seem a bit doom-and-gloom, this discussion is actually far from it.  Kevin, Ashlee, and Tina highlight ways to help keep businesses afloat, meanwhile guiding employees toward a means of wage replacement.  Among the out-of-the-box practices for temporary layoffs, we hear the panel suggest the following:

  • Voluntary shift donating due to employee financial need
  • Utilizing cross-trained employees
  • Redistribution of working hours
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Keep in mind that while downsizing has been a normal part of history, we are still learning how to manage during the COVID-19 epidemic.  We will continue to update our rhetoric, and pivot as we acquire more information.

Stay Tuned for More Videos

So, tune in to feel like you are a part of our discussion on the topic of temporary layoffs.  We understand your Human Resources department may feel overwhelmed at the moment, therefore this is meant to provide clarity. We hope that you’ll find the information beneficial, as well as hopeful.  Finally, remember that downsizing does not mean closing down.

Urgent videos are live, quick videos to provide relevant information as it comes out. More experts and videos to come. We are open to requests for future topics or speakers.

Image of a big house with an arrow to a little house symbolizing downsizing.

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