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Small Business Taxes

In full preparation for tax season, we’re covering all topics tax-related. With everything else that happened last year, tax season will probably be more stressful than usual. So, we’re trying to ease that . . .

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Attention: ACA Deadline Extended

The IRS extended the ACA deadline for reporting to employees. Here is more information about the ACA and what the extension entails.

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This Just In: Mini COBRA Law for Arizona

Mini COBRA laws for Arizona will begin January 1,2019. Although it may sound like an adorable snake - it's much more important to AZ employees & employers!

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2017 Social Security Wage Base Increase


2017 Social Security Wage Base

The Social Security Administration announced the taxable wage base for social security will increase in 2017. So what is the new wage base?

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2016 FICA Rates Not Changed

Social Security Wage Base Remains at $118,500 for 2016 The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced on Thursday, that the 2016 social security wage base will be $118,500, unchanged from 2015. The maximum social . . .

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Take the Stress Out of Restaurant Payroll

Restaurant payroll and tip reporting are complex. There are numerous requirements that employers face, such as reporting tip income and collecting tax on tips. Restaurateurs also must ensure that the total tip income . . .

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