Stop, Drop, and Avoid Scams: Labor Law Poster Compliance Solicitations

November 29, 2018

Labor law poster compliance is important so scammers take advantage. As our client, you can hang up on scammers - you get free labor law posters every year!

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The sound of a ringing phone is usually good news for a small business.  It means things are happening.  For business owners, the sound of a ringing phone might sound like, “Cha-ching!”  So, what happens when your lines are suddenly inundated with calls about the need for your business to remain compliant… or else?

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The caller will likely seem to know a lot about your business.  The pitch might start with something innocent, like telling you that new laws are rolling out. Then they start with the pitch. You need to buy their labor law posters to avoid outdated information posted throughout your business.

If the caller doesn’t feel he’s hooked you with that line, he might tell you that you could face fines to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, if you don’t act now.  Even if you hang up then, you can expect to continue to receive threatening calls, emails, and/or flyers.  What can you do?

Rest assured that you do not need to fall victim to these solicitors.  Yes, if you buy from them, you are falling victim because it is a scam.  Keep reading to know what this is all about, what to watch for, and how you can avoid the misleading labor law poster compliance solicitations and scams.

Why do calls happen at this time of year?

So, why does it seem like the labor law poster compliance solicitations peak at this time of year?  Lawmakers spend the better part of each year volleying labor law amendments back and forth, and by mid-fall, the laws that have been enacted for the following year are pretty much in order.

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The scammers, while unethical, are smart enough to know that they can offer something you will need as the new year rolls out.  They are hitting you at the time of year when they know you will be distracted by the holidays, trying to decide on last-minute charitable donations, and thinking about final business write-offs.

Long story short, they are kicking you while you’re down, and they are just hoping you won’t say no, or at least that they can get a little information out of you before you do say no.

What are the callers trying to sell?

While the callers are trying to sell something you actually need, you don’t need to buy labor law poster from them to be compliant.  There are plenty of reputable companies out there who will ensure labor law poster compliance. They’ll also do so without harassing you for your business.

While the scammers might lead you to believe that they are only trying to sell labor law posters to keep you in compliance, they actually have a separate plan, should you decide not to buy for them (or realize they are attempting to scam you).  The scammers will also do their best to obtain additional information about your company, and at the minimum, they will make money by selling your contact information to third parties.

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Know this: the scammer does not have your best interest at heart.

How can you tell if it is a scam?

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Some of the callers may sound kind and professional, and they might give the impression that they are calling from the state, so at first it might not be easy to tell if this is a legitimate sales call or if it is a scam.  But who has time to play charades over the phone with solicitors?

Certainly not yourself—you have a business to run!  Here are a few quick steps you can use to determine if the person calling you is a legitimate business, or if they are trying to scam you:

  1. Tell the caller you are in the middle of a transaction and ask if you can call them back. If the person agrees and leaves contact information, that is a good sign, but don’t stop there.  Cross check their information to make sure the company is legitimate.
  2. Get the name of the company. Whether you stay on the phone while talking with the caller, or ask to call them back, a quick Google search should give you limitless information about the company, if it actually exists.  Be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau’s rating, and look for customer reviews.
  3. Give the caller your email address and ask for an email with information. If you receive an email from the caller, be careful not to click on any links or open any attachments.  Important contact and identifying information should be included in the body of the    You wouldn’t want to infect your computer with any kind of virus, or open yourself up to additional spam.  Scammers are not shy to get you any way they can.

What kind of posters do you actually need at your place of business?

While the scammers are annoying at best, they are right about compliance. Employers with at least one employee do need labor law posters to remain in compliance with state and federal mandates.

The posters need to be placed in plain sight in an area where employees visit.  Many employers choose to hang their posters just outside the restrooms, above a drinking fountain, or near a coffee pot.  This kind of placement of these posters ensures that employees will have access to the information found on the poster.  The information includes:

  • Employee rights
  • Minimum wage information
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) information
  • Equal Employment Opportunity information
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notice
  • Applicable state requirements
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What can happen if you do not post?

Labor law poster compliance is of utmost importance for businesses with at least one employee.  Failure to present the most current information in a visible location can result in fines of up to $33,486.

Violation of the federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988, for example, can result in a fine of up to $20,111.  Violating the OSHA posting requirement can cost a company up to $12,675.  These are not small peanuts, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to make labor law poster compliance a priority.

How much should the posters cost?

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We would like to be the first to tell you that as a Journey client, we can help ensure labor law poster compliance, and it will cost you nothing.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  The posters will be mailed out as a free courtesy, so you’re compliant from the get-go. Without paying an arm and a leg for doing so.

While we cannot be responsible for hanging your posters in the best location (that will be up to you!), we can make sure that you receive the most accurate and current information, in a timely manner.

The best news here is that as a Journey client, you can go ahead and hang up on those pesky solicitors.  That’s right, just give them the old click.  If you aren’t the type to hang up on a solicitor, feel free to tell them that you have your posters under control and that you are expecting your new poster shipment any minute now.

You know what you need for labor law poster compliance, and you have everything under control.

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