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Journey Workers’ Compensation Policies to Remain in Place

April 19, 2020

You are probably worried about your workers' compensation policy. However, here is why you can rest assured that your Journey policy is still intact.

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By now, many are starting to see the repercussions for our businesses due to the economic shutdown, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.  Some businesses are struggling to pay employees, if they can even remain operating at all.  After that, we begin to see the ripple effect.  For example, if we can’t make payroll and we need to pause a payroll, then what?  What about insurance policies? Specifically, what happens to workers’ compensation policies?

Well, that is exactly what we want to address here.  Most importantly, if you have a pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation policy with Journey and you have a drastic drop, a missed payroll, or a pause in payroll, your policy will not be cancelled.

As for your other insurance policies, we recommend contacting your local insurance broker. Journey only assists you with your Workers Compensation policies because of the benefit of having it work with your payroll directly. If you need support with Liability, E&O, or Health policies, please let us know and we can connect you with a great local partner.

Now, let’s zero in on the details so that you can get back to figuring out other important matters.

Journey Workers’ Compensation Policy

If you are a client who has opted in to our workers’ compensation offering, then this will be a little refresher for you.  First, we offer a pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation option to our clients.  This ensures that the payments are accurate, because they are based on actual wages, not an estimate.  Also, it removes the large upfront annual cost, which is better for cash flow.  Best of all, this option eliminates the stress associated with the annual audit.

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For Journey’s Pay-As-You-Go workers’ compensation policy program, we partner with brokers Granite Insurance Brokers and AP Intego.  Both companies made similar announcements pertaining to the concerns about clients’ workers’ compensation policies.  AP Intego also included a helpful Q&A for clients to review.

Workers’ Compensation Policy Cancellation

If you inadvertently receive a cancellation notice, please contact your broker immediately.  Be sure to clarify that you are experiencing a temporary pause in payroll due to COVID-19.  Client service representatives will be standing by to make sure you have appropriate workers’ compensation coverage as you need it, and that your policy remains in place.

Never Fear, Journey Is Here

The COVID-19 crisis is far reaching, and it seems that no one is unaffected.  Small businesses, in particular, are taking a huge hit.  On a daily basis, business owners have mounting fears and worries.  Nevertheless, Journey remains dedicated to working with partners who have clients’ best interests at heart.  With that in mind, Journey workers’ compensation policy clients can rest assured that their insurance policies will not be cancelled during this time.  We are keeping our eyes on the future, and staying optimistic about continuing our business together.

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Journey Insurance Carrier Partners

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