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Why It’s Important to Take Your Vacation Days

July 11, 2018

Taking time off from work benefits not only you, but your employer as well. Creating a positive work-life balance helps body, mind, and career!

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There’s much more to taking time off than time away from work

Oh, sure. You can come up with so many reasons why you can’t take time off:

  • It’s our busy season. I can’t possibly get away.
  • There will be way too much work waiting for me when I get back. That’s more stressful than not taking a vacation.
  • Besides, my team needs me.

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Other reasons, often not articulated to employers, include the worry that taking time off makes you a less valuable employee and in turn may inhibit career advancement. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the careers website Glassdoor, 54% of employees are concerned that they will be replaced if they take time off.

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Jaime Zuder, Managing Partner of Journey AZ

The same survey found that 80% of employees said they would take more time off if they felt fully supported and encouraged by their boss.

The website Project Time Off, determined that Americans are leaving billions of dollars on the desk by not taking paid time off.

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the benefits of blocking off days on the calendar for a little R&R.

As Jaime Zuder, Managing Partner of Journey’s Arizona location explains, “Work-life balance is so important and directly impacts a company’s culture.  Happy employees will go the extra mile because they do not view work as a daunting task, which translates to even better service for your clients.” Here are some of the other reasons why vacation time should be on everyone’s Must Do List.

Your personal batteries are recharged

Vacation time gives you the opportunity to unplug from the work environment—that is, assuming you’re not checking your emails or calling into meetings from the beach in that picturesque little town in Italy. Time away clears your head and strengthens the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness. You return to your workplace rested and ready to go. For employers, that looks like greater productivity.

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It’s good for your physical health, too

Besides blowing the cobwebs out of your brain, vacation provides physical health benefits as well. A U.S. Travel Association study shows that women who don’t take vacation are more likely to succumb to depression, while their male counterparts who cannot leave the office have higher incidences of heart disease. Big picture, this could result in employees taking more sick days and being less-able to do their jobs while at work.

Get thee to a beach. Post haste.

Ideas happen on vacation

Creative juices tend to flow when you’re on vacation. Time away from the daily grind offers a different perspective and that figurative light bulb floating above your head tends to light up. Instagram was a serious “aha” moment for founder Kevin Systrom during a Mexico vacation. Drew Houston came up with the concept behind Dropbox while he was traveling and Bill Gates is well known for his “think weeks.”

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What if your next big idea is one umbrella drink away?

Bottom line: take your vacation. Your brain, your body, and your career will thank you.

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