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How to Revamp Employee Onboarding in a Remote World

December 16, 2021

Remote work is here to stay, and employers need to adapt. Fortunately, Journey can make onboarding quick, easy, and paperless.

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One of the few benefits that has arisen with the pandemic is remote work. Many employers have realized that employees can work just as well at home as they can in the office. Working at home creates a better work life balance for employees and gives them more time with their loved ones.

According to a survey by Flexjobs, 97% of workers would prefer remote work or a hybrid work schedule. It has even been proven that remote work leads to better physical and mental health. So, is remote work going away? Well with an overwhelming satisfactory rate from employees, it looks like remote work is here to stay. Employers will need to learn to adapt and do tasks such as onboarding at home.

Journey Payroll can help your business adapt to the new remote work era. We offer onboarding and HR services to keep your company running smoothly, even when all your employees aren’t in the same place.

Remote work is here to stay, and employers need to adapt

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What is the future of remote work? With a slew of benefits for employees including no commute, location flexibility, and a customizable office, employers will need to learn to adapt and do tasks such as onboarding at home. Successful employee onboarding is now more important than ever for businesses to retain their employees. If employers do not learn to adapt to the new remote work style, they are at risk of losing employees to other companies who do support remote work.

Creating a Successful Remote Onboarding Process 

If your business has transitioned to being fully remote or even hybrid, use the remote onboarding checklist below to help your business adapt.

  • Create and standardize your remote onboarding process. When you begin onboarding, layout clearly what the expectations are. This will help the new employee and current employees feel comfortable with what is expected of them. 
  • Provide easy ways for new employees to get support. New jobs always entail a learning curve. Whether this is virtual training, videos, or a help desk they can reach out to, make sure your new employee has resources for questions that might pop up. An employee help desk would be an excellent option to leverage the onboarding process.
  • Review and update your current onboarding process. Due to onboarding being virtual, changes will need to be made to accommodate this style of work. Setting milestones to be achieved will give HR a way to monitor the onboarding process, and it will be helpful for the new employee too.
  • Implement regular monitoring and feedback. By scheduling regular check-ins with new employees, the employer will be able to ensure that the onboarding process is successful and will be able to implement any changes which need to be made. Before the new hire’s first day of work, set aside time for a video call with all current team members. You can also assign them a “work buddy” who can show them the ropes of the company and who can answer general questions. This will make your new hire feel more comfortable in their position and expedite the onboarding process. 
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By implementing remote onboarding best practices, you can keep your employees happy and working from the comfort of their home while still helping new hires acclimate. It’s a win for the business and for all of its employees!

Start the Remote Onboarding Process with Journey 

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If your company has been straddling the line of remote work or has fully switched, Journey offers a variety of services to help you with the transition. The work environment has drastically changed, and businesses must learn to adjust. Journey can make onboarding quick, easy, and paperless. Contact us today to see what Journey Payroll’s remote onboarding and HR services can do for your business. We can’t wait to help you thrive!

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