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Effective Immediately: FREE HRNOW (Unlimited HR Support) Services to ALL Journey Clients

March 23, 2020

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Dear Journey Clients,

You are our business community, our neighbors, and our friends.  Our team has started the #JourneyTogether movement to support all of us in our local communities.  We are purchasing large gift cards every day at local businesses.  We are asking our employees to spend money at locally owned businesses, and we’ll reimburse them 50%, along with much more.  Please follow us on social media to see the daily events on how we’re focusing on the community first. 

Free HRNOW.   As you can imagine, incoming HR questions are higher than ever right now.  Simply put, you need answers NOW.  Journey’s HRNOW services provides unlimited HR support via email or phone.  During this time, we don’t want you scrambling to find someone.  We want you to have a reliable and trustworthy Human Resource support team that can help guide you through your HR questions.  Also, we don’t want you worrying about how many questions you can ask, or what the hourly rate is. 

Effective immediately, Journey’s HRNOW Offering is FREE.  It does not matter your industry.  It does not matter your company size.  If you are a Journey client, you have this offering for FREE, while we’re in this uncertain time.

Journey Payroll & HR recognizes that now is the time to support one another.  For the next two months, when our clients need HR support and resources more than ever, our Ownership Team is covering the costs to make our HRNOW Service FREE to ALL clients. We urge other businesses that can do similar actions to help their clients and community without having it affect their employees, to do the same.

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This is the time to come together, rely on each other, and put everything we can into the ones that need it the most.  I appreciate your loyalty to Journey more than I will ever properly be able to put into words. 

Stay Healthy!

Thank You,
Kevin Welch, CEO

Kevins Signature

What does this cover?

  • COVID-19 Helpline – Provides you unlimited access to a HR consultant to answer any questions you may have regarding the Emergency Leave Act or the Paid Sick Leave Act.
  • HR Helpline –You will have unlimited access to an HR Consultant to answer questions regarding with any employee issues that arise – disciplinary actions, terminations, layoffs, etc.
  • COVID-19 Required Policies – You will be provided with samples of company policies as prescribed by the Emergency Leave Act and the Paid Sick Leave Act.

Ownership Team:  Sue Shirley, Ashlee Faulkner, Kirsten Madland, Jaime Zuder, Audra Sandage, Steven Harris, Kevin Welch

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